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PSX Exclusive Preview – Rain World

by on December 11, 2016

Rain World was another game at Playstation Experience where I haven’t heard much about, but damn am I on board. Huge thanks to James for taking the time to allow us to interview him and have him show off this game to us. In Rain World you play as a cute little ‘slugcat’ that was separated from its family due to a massive cataclysmic flood. Your job is to basically travel around the world going from room to room using tunnels and such that your little slugcat can transverse. Seems easy right? Wrong. This ecosystem in this game has one job, to destroy you. Either being prey to larger creatures or caught in a bone breaking rain…it wants you dead. Sounds a bit tougher now right? Well throw in that you have to survive by eating other creatures as well, and not getting caught on the surface in the rain or be below where the floodwaters catch you. So yes..this game wants you dead.

With all that being said this game looks amazing. There is so much detail added to this game that is really impressive. For example the creatures will learn how you treat them, if you treat them with hostility, they can every be violent towards you or run away. If you kind of ignore them they may tend to ignore you as well. When the night cycle hits and the rain is about to devastate the surface creatures will haul ass to a safer place because they know the dangers of being on the surface. Another great detail is you can try to ‘bait’ the predators with other creatures so you can continue on past them. One thing that will catch your eye quickly is the procedural animation. Whats great about this is that the animation tends to flow over surfaces and acts much more natural. Instead of using sprites and spreadsheets to say what the character does, this has a much more natural feel and allows a deeper immersement into the game. Overall Rain World looks and feels amazing I’m ready to see what this world can throw at me! Check out our Exclusive interview below with James to hear more and see how the game is played!

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