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PSX Exclusive Preview – Flinthook

by on December 20, 2016

Flinthook…I’m still upset that I didn’t know this game was in development. Huge shoutout to Dom in taking the time and showing us the game and talking to us about it. Check out the quick interview below. But lets get back to the game. In Flinthook you play a space pirate traveling around to get loot and explore spaceships. Like in many rogue-like games today you receive a huge penalty if you die, but you have the chance to get a permanent upgrade to your character through-out the journey. Flinthook boasts amazing colorful art design that made me instantly made me fall in love with it. The colors are bold, bright, and playful. Dom explained to us that each level is hand designed, though when you play the rooms appear at random. The detail in each room is amazing and shows the amount of work they put into each room. The gameplay is amazing. If you love metroidvania like games your going to instantly fall in love with this game. The first couple of times I used the hook to transverse across a room was pretty epic. It was so fluid and the hook mechanic just felt..right. The gun was really easy to use, and when you run into the enemies that were surrounded by a bubble was a little panicing until you realize you have to shoot them with the hook first. Overall this was one of the few games at PSX where I wanted more, this game hooked me (pun intended). I just wanted to sit there and keep playing, and thats saying a lot for a game that’s still a few months out from releasing. Stay tuned for more info on Flinthook! It will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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