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PSX Exclusive Preview – EarthNight

by on December 8, 2016

After dragons annihilated all government and military, mankind was forced to find a new home in space. Two brave souls, Stanley, a freelance photographer, and Sydney, a 14-year-old high schooler, attempt the treacherous journey back to Earth, slaying the massive beasts as they risk it all to reclaim humanity’s home.

EarthNight features eight layers of the atmosphere riddled with dragons between the space station and earth. Each procedurally generated level includes more than 125 potential layout variations per dragon, giving players a new experience every time.

We got a chance to talk to Rich Siegel over at the Cleaversoft booth this year at the PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2016 in Anaheim, California. This is one game that shows a lot of great potential and we are excited to be able to share some more information about this upcoming title. We have been in touch with Cleaversoft over the last year or so since their last debut at PSX in San Francisco. EarthNight is a perfect example of what a small team of people and a ton of hard work can accomplish. From the beautiful artwork, custom recorded soundtrack, and an overall great runner with the ability to kill dragons, Earth Night does not look as if it has any intention of disappointment. Check out these amazing shots below, and watch our interview one on one with Rich as he gives us a little insider look.

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