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PSX Exclusive Preview – Dreadnought

by on December 18, 2016

Dreadnought puts you in command of massive capital ships for tactical, 5v5 warfare in space and across the skies of different planets. We were given the opportunity at PlayStation Experience this year to not only play it, but also take a moment with Dreadnought’s Game Director Peter to let us know a little more about the game…


We had a blast playing Dreadnought and cannot wait for a final release date. For the time being, Yager and Six Foot are offering a closed beta program where you can squad up with friends and and test out the game itself to see how you like it as well as MOST IMPORTANTLY help them provide feedback. For being what is currently considered “Pre-Alpha”, Dreadnought looks to be an extremely polished game with beautiful worlds, environment, ship customization and much more.

*Note from Jason*
Holy hell was this a blast to play 5v5 at PSX. I usually enjoy playing support classes but when we got to the loading screen, it looked like two other people on our team did as well. After getting wrecked a few times, I decided to switch to the Corvette, a much smaller, faster ship with cloaking ability, excitement elevated tremendously. I was able to sneak around behind enemy ships that were already getting attacked and pop up and start blasting them, keeping them between the other enemies so they weren’t able to shoot me. I shot up to second place in points in the round and were all smiles after that. Noel and I discussed different tactics to try and how fun this would be with all of our friends playing. After talking with Peter and having him explain the vision for this game, I couldn’t be more excited. This looks to be a tactical multiplayer powerhouse and with all of the customization to ships, this could be one of the better team mulitplayer games in 2017.

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For More Information On Dreadnought, Check out their Website where you can find all the latest news as well as sign up for their Closed BETA going on RIGHT NOW…

Dreadnought Home Page

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