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PSX Exclusive Preview – Battle Chef Brigade

by on December 11, 2016

I walked into the Adult Swim Games booth not knowing anything about this game. I heard very little and wasn’t sure what to expect. Eric, the artist from the game was more than happy to show off and explain this game to us. To keep it easy, it’s a RPG style cooking game with a match three puzzler built into it. Confused? Intrigued? Good. The idea of the game is to go out into the wild and gather ingredients. They are gathered by killing the creatures and those drop items to cook with. Your character itself doesn’t level up but you can continue to improve the weapons and cooking items to become stronger throughout the game. Once you have your items it now becomes your Iron Chef/Chopped style game. You are timed so once you gather your ingredients (and of course the surprise main ingredient) haul ass back into the kitchen. Here you’ll want to cater to the judges likes to gain bonus points. Grab your ingredients and toss them into the pot. The game then becomes a match three game. Match and build combos to create an overall better dish than your opponent. Sounds simple? It gets deeper with the addition of elements, fire, water.. Etc. Those balanced will create a better dish. One of my favorite parts you will see in the video is the title of the dish you created. The game creates a name for the dish depending on what you threw into the dish. I read the one Eric created but as a quick example it would be something like: Broiled Dragon with sauteed mushroom in a chicken reduction. (I made this up but it isn’t far off). Overall this game looks like a great pick up in the future, especially if you like the Iron Chef/Chopped TV shows and the anime style artwork. You’ll be in heaven. Eric mentioning each character having about 10 hours of game play with a total of four characters, you’ll be playing this for a bit. I can’t wait to get into the kitchen!

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