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Hands On Review – PlaystationVR

by on October 17, 2016

Initial Thoughts:

The time has come and now gone for the long awaited PlayStation VR headset release. We recently just finished a several hour long stream for all to enjoy where we rip through game after game of VR experiences in mass. We took the time to run through games such as London Heist, Driveclub VR, Thumper, Rush Of Blood, Rigs, Job Simulator, Resident Evil 7 Kitchen Demo, Robot Golf, Eve Valkyrie, Batman: Arkham VR, Battlezone, Here they Lie, Playroom VR, and last but not least Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

Some of us were not too sure what to expect right off. While we were excited for this new technology, some were nervous to see if they would enjoy it or get motion sickness or not, and scared while getting forced to play Resident Evil. Some have had no experience with VR technology at all while others have and truthfully we all were not sure exactly what was going to happen once we put that headset on.

PC Vs Console:



The headset if self is lightweight and fairly comfortable and easy to adjust, more so than the Vive or Oculus. If you’re excited for VR but don’t have a good rig and already own a PS4 I say get it. Or hold off until there are way better games for it (Resident Evil 7 and Final Fantasy 15 look super cool) then decide if you wanna drop the $400 for it. What we really liked was how easy it is to set up and calibrate. Having spent an hour or so trying to get the Vive “just right” the fact that we can just stand there and hit a “calibrate” button or hold “Options” to recenter the image is very very nice.


Favorite Game Votes From The Crew (Currently To Date):


Jason – From what we saw and played it has to be Batman hands down. It was a fully immersive experience with a story. Again I didn’t finish it but they are saying it isn’t too long. But the aspect of being Batman, being in the manor, donning the cowl, solving a crime. Everything just felt awesome. I really hope it is a hey if you guys like this…let’s make an amazing game down the road. The only setback was that you didn’t walk around, you were limited to your movements in areas, you were not limited to your gadgets. You were able to throw batarangs at will. Granted they don’t always break things or do anything but damn it is fun reaching down to grab a batarang and fling it anywhere. If you were to get a PSVR, I’d definitely grab this game. It’s a great companion to build your PSVR hype and to show off to your friends and give them change to frigging be Batman.

Troy – Eve:Valkyrie – I LOVE space combat sims, I was disheartened to find out that while Star Wars Battlefront will be receiving a free “Xwing” sim add on, it will not be available until Dec (most likely to coincide with Rogue One) So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the demo for Eve: Valkyrie, I know nothing of the Eve world but the game is a nice, face paced arcade like shoot with a simple but driving plot that is basically “shoot stuff when told till told to stop” and that’s fine. You can get some butterflies going on in your stomach when you’re doing a full barrel roll into a loop then quickly brake then boost into a split S (I’ve watched a lot of Top Gun) to avoid a capital ship and get behind an enemy fighter. I don’t get motion sick or dizzy or anything like that but a few moments of that I needed a second or 2 to get my bearings. Overall, its just fun.

Noel – Since Batman and Eve were already mentioned, I will go ahead and throw my hat in the ring for 100ft Robot Golf. If you are wondering what 100ft Robot Golf is, you pretty much just have to take its word when you read the title of the game. The game itself is exactly that. From a 100ft Robot of your choice, you team up with friends both locally and online to go hit the links (and destroy some buildings and other things along the way). Whenever you are playing golf, do you ever think to yourself “Wow, I wish that tree was not there”.. That is where 100Ft Robot Golf comes into play. Something in the way? Blow it to pieces and get your shot off before the timer runs out. Ever tired of waiting for the next persons turn? No worries, 100Ft Robot Golf has you covered in that everyone plays at the same time. Aside from the game-play itself, it has some pretty awesome artwork, soundtrack and commentary to go with it. A very solid and fun playtime to be had with this title and yet another approved GameOctane VR Game.


Overall and Final Thoughts:

Jason –As of right now at this very moment I’d love to invest in one. I had so much fun with the games I played I felt so immersed in the world. With this being the first week, it won’t be long until developers start pumping about amazing content and experiences and not ‘tech demos’ (talked about on our podcast!). If you bought one right now you may run out of games to play quick as Batman was about 2-3 hour game in total.

Troy –I like it, is that enough? NO? Ok then, I’ve used pretty much every VR system on the market: The old school “Lawnmower Man” graphics arcade versions, Cardboard with my Nexus 6, Vive, Oculus Rift and now PSVR. Having tried them all I can say that if you already own a PS4 go for it. It’s a good middle ground between Oculus and Vive in terms of functionality and ease of use.

Noel –At the end of the day, everyone out there is always going to compare the console versus the PC in terms of what platform has a better grip on technology. Is the PSVR “better” then the Occulus Rift or HTC Vive? Yes and no. The PSVR is a solid VR System with budgets in mind if you already own a PS4. Yes, the PC VR technologies can be considered better, but at what cost. We all love the term “Pay to Play”. With that in mind and with the mindset of taking “Person A” that wants to invest in VR but has nothing to start, you are looking at a total cost of ownership of around $900 plus tax for console and around $2300 for PC to have it done right. Total cost for PC Ownership would be a little cheaper if you went Occulus instead of HTC Vive but will still settle around the $2100 range to have a PC built right the first time. For me personally, I already owned a PS4 and was able to get the move controllers and camera used so I only got the VR Headset by itself. Overall, I do not regret the purchase one bit. At its early stages, the PSVR is very impressive and I cannot wait to see what they are able to do with the technology moving forward.

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