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Sony Games Going Mobile In 2018

by on October 15, 2016

Sony has announced that they will be releasing games to the mobile platform in or around March of 2018. This may be in response to Nintendo moving forward to the mobile platform as well. Games will be created for both Android and iOS platforms. Exactly what games will be released has still yet to be announced but is said that the titles will be announced at the end of the year and that they will revolve around classic PlayStation games.

Nintendo has hit the mobile platforms already with their App “Miitomo” and has plans to release 2 more that revolve around the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing game series. It will be interesting how these major companies move forward into the mobile realm of things. Obviously at this point, they have realized the need to expand as over the years mobile gaming interest has increased dramatically simply based on the ease of use, solid graphics on the phones and unique ways to use movement with the phone as well as VR Capabilities.

So whats next? Only time will tell to see what other companies will jump on board with this direction. Looking at the video game companies themselves, there already are a ton of mobile games that are either mobile versions of popular console titles or simply companion apps that help you through the game itself. I feel that both Sony and Nintendo are smart for doing this as it will keep the gamers out there hopefully satisfied both on the go and at home.

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