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Project Winter (PC) – Preview

by on March 27, 2019

Project Winter (PC) – Preview

Project Winter. I was super hyped for this game. It had a cool premise and in the world of survival games going rampant, it looked fresh. An 8 player coop survival game? Ok sounds interesting… Oh, and one player is tasked with sabotaging the others? Ok, you got me, let’s do this…right?

Project Winter is a fun game. BUT, it has its flaws. One of its biggest? The community. It’s hardly existent, so much so I sat in an interactive lobby throwing snowballs for 15+ minutes waiting for it to open. This is fairly troublesome right off the bat with a game that needs players to play and have the game mechanics make sense. Another small issue I had on my very first game, I was trying to figure out how the game works. I was checking everything and trying to talk to everyone. Well, I guess I made myself suspicious and I got killed because the player thought I was the saboteur. Though they were wrong, nothing happened to them. There was no penalty for them to kill everyone, which didn’t bode well with me.

The gameplay overall though, was fun. Even while you’re waiting to start the match you can have a snowball fight with the other players in the lobby. You’re wandering around trying to gather materials and attempting to repair key buildings or craft much-needed gear. You don’t just need to worry about your fellow players though. Mother nature is there to beat you down. Not only is it cold as hell, but animals such as giant bears would also love to come nibble on you. I had a lot of fun, again when I was able to play and didn’t want to wait 15 minutes to join a match. The games themselves are fun and intense, especially when you get down the line and any little mistake can hurt not only you but everyone playing. I have yet to become the traitor so unfortunately cannot comment on that side of the game.

One thing that was a slick detail was voice communication. It had proximity-based voice chat as most games have. But they went even further by adding private voice chat radio channels which allowed people to communicate behind the backs of others. I was really impressed to find that being a feature but it makes a ton of sense for this type of game.

Cleaning all of my thoughts up here. Project Winter is a fun game, but there are things holding it back. Namely, the low player count is handicapping the game. There may be some things that could bring some fresh players to the game. A decent discounted sale, or may even a free weekend to get that hype built around it.

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