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Preview: Day of Infamy

by on March 14, 2017

Day of Infamy comes from small beginnings. The game started as a mod for the tactical shooter, Insurgency. Insurgency itself began as a mod for Half life 2. Both games started small and the community grew the games to be where they are today.

Day of Infamy is a team based first person shooter set in Southern and Western Europe during World War II. You’ll storm Omaha Beach, fight through the countryside in the Battle of the Bulge, or fight in the streets and shellout cityscapes in a handful of diverse and unique maps. Each map stands out, with different environments to kill or be killed in.

Teamwork is key in Day of Infamy. There are 8 different classes that you can choose. Each class benefits the team in a different manner. The Officer can call in artillery strikes and give orders to his troops, but only if he has a Radioman nearby. You’ll need a few Engineers to take out those machine gun nests or destroy a supply depot. However, the Engineer won’t get far without Support, who carries a heavy automatic weapon to lay down suppressing fire. Of course the bulk of your forces will be made up of Riflemen, Assault, and Machine Gunners. And it wouldn’t be an online shooter without the Sniper, who can take out the enemy Officer as he tries to call in that strafing run on your position. All classes have a “cap” of how many players can be a certain class in each lobby, so you won’t run into a match full of Snipers and no Support. This keeps the matches balanced and fun.

Paying homage to one of the best online shooters, Day of Defeat Source, and pulling from its sister game Insurgency, Day of Infamy is extremely “realistic”. There are no hit markers so you might be shooting at a corpse and not know it. You’ll know when your shot hits the target when you see him collapse into a heap while he was trying to cross through that open field. Getting a kill is extremely satisfying, every kill feels earned and every death feels warranted. You may not know where you were shot from, but you’ll know that it was your fault for not keeping your head down in the trenches. Matches can get bloody. Frag grenades will literally blow you to bits. You will be storming a beach and see your friend next to you explode into a pink cloud of nothing. Behind enemy lines you need to keep your lips zipped because the proximity voice chat will let the enemy hear you if they are close. It’s not that Day of Infamy does anything new or different than most modern shooters-leaning, going prone, slowing your breathing to get that shot off, none of this is revolutionary.

However, we are severely lacking in “current gen” WWII shooters. I played Day of Defeat Source for hundreds of hours my freshman year in high school. I joined a “realism” unit. We had skirmishes, I’d wake up every saturday at 6am to go to “boot camp”, we had ranks and got rewarded for exemplary field work. Now as a father with two daughters that sounds exhausting, but Day of Infamy does everything I loved about Day of Defeat and modernizes it. It scratches that itch that has been missing in a lot of online shooters for me. A focus on teamwork and not personal K:D ratios. There is no better feeling than flanking a group of enemies as your team lays down suppressing fire, sneaking through the trenches, getting set up, then just unloading on an unsuspecting group of soldiers. You’ll feel so accomplished as you watch your team advance across that stretch of land that you and the enemy have been fighting over for the past 15 minutes.

Day of Infamy is currently in Early Access but launches on March 23rd! If you snag the game before launch you can secure yourself three exclusive factions of troops before they are retired and unobtainable.  It was also announced that the following features will be added to the release next week –

  • Unit System: Collect digital militaria items in the form of new character art representing various regiments and divisions for each faction. Rank progression unlocks a random unit for players to use or trade. Within a unit, new character artwork includes arm patches, hats, helmet stencils, uniforms, camouflages, and voice over.
  • Commando Cooperative Difficulty: A new playlist for PvE Cooperative gameplay featuring elite AI opponents and limited fire support options.
  • 10 Maps: With the recent addition of Foy and Crete, a full range of environments to fight in are featured in the game.

Let us know in the comments if you are excited for the official launch next week!!

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