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Preview – Aven Colony with 10 Minute Gameplay Video Preview!!

by on June 29, 2017

Aven Colony is in preview at the moment and its already shaping up to be something special. City builder fans should enjoy the fresh take on the genre by mixing in a sci-fi element into it. Developed by Mothership Entertainment and Produced by Team 17, I really think they have something special here.

In Aven Colony you are in charge of humanities first extrasolar settlement. What does that mean exactly? You are on a new planet, Aven Prime, and it’s up to you to..well..not die. People’s lives are in your hands as it’s your responsibility to colonize this new world. Now for example, most of you may be familiar with ‘Sim City’ and other spin offs, but you never had to deal with oxygen and fresh air levels, electrical and shard storms, gas eruptions from geothermal vents, freezing winters which damn near stops food production and solar panels gather less power, food and water production, or the locals…yes I am talking aliens and they aren’t friendly.

Dealing with the food production and water production is not so bad. But you then all the other issues of settling on an alien planet come into play and it just adds a fun difficulty. Each building you place will allow workers to work there. Before the work can start, you need power, then you need to make sure there is a place to live nearby because your settlers don’t want to walk to far to get to work. Then on top of that the building may not be working at full efficiency because all of the available spots aren’t filled with workers. You can then raise the level of workplace pull so more people would want to work there, but that also means now another job isn’t working to its max efficiency. Needless to say it’s a blast to try to balance everything to make sure everything is in working order. Because if not…the settlers will let you know.

Like most city builders making your people happy makes your city run better. So you better be making sure you can solve issues they are having. Maybe you need more food, or more of a variety of food. Maybe you need to place an air filter because the air isn’t healthy in a new part of the colony. Maybe crime is higher and you need to place some police drones. Aven Colony makes it pretty easy in monitoring all of the issues that may arise. They have 12 different overlays you can turn on that allows you to monitor air quality, living density, and a whole bunch more. Switching between the overlays and solving issues will make the colonists happy. On a different path, if you don’t want to build a ton of buildings to make them happy, you can use your research center and chemical lab and synthesize drugs and such to give them temporary morale boosts, at the cost of health. There are many ways to approach and solve your colony’s problems…that’s up to you to decide.

Another nice addition that changes things up in the city builder genre is that is has a small story involved within single player. Through-out the single player mode secrets about Aven Prime will be revealed to you as you play through. The voice overs are fun and humorous with their interactions. It definitely a fun addition. Of course there is also a sandbox mode for you to build as you choose. Almost every building can be upgraded, which allows for more production, more space for colonists, or more storage. To continue to grow you will need to upgrade rather then just keep building buildings because space is limited on Aven Prime. You will also be able to establish trade routes and welcome immigrants into your colony! There’s even an expedition system where you can send off colonists to explore Aven Prime to recover artifacts, lost explorers, among other things strung about the new planet.

Overall with the preview I really enjoyed my time on Aven Prime. I usually enjoy city builders in general but this had the added sci-fi element among the above additions and I easily lost hours playing when I should have been in bed. Mothership Entertainment and Team 17 is on the right track with Aven Colony. I cannot wait for the full release to see all of the touchups they have added but I really didn’t run into any major issues. City builder fans and sci-fi lovers should keep an eye out for Aven Colony, it’s pretty damn good.

Take at look at our 10 minute preview below!


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