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Preview: 88 Heroes

by on March 2, 2017

It’s a tale as old as time – aliens are help bent on destroying the earth.  We need a hero to save us!  But what if Superman or the Justice League were not available?  88 Heroes tells a story of 88 odd yet lovable heroes who just happened to be around when to the Earth is in need of assistance.

88 Heroes, from Bitmap Bureau and Rising Star Games, is a perfect example of taking a retro platformer and twisting it to make it challenging and engaging.  In 88 Heroes, you will platform and defeat enemies in your ultimate quest to defeat Dr. H8 from destroying the planet.  In the main game mode, you will have 88 minutes to cross 88 levels and destroy Dr. H8 (and yes, that was a lot of 8’s).  The challenge comes with the randomly generated heroes.  You don’t know who will come next.  Some heroes have great abilities that are very useful.  Other heroes will have powers that will hinder your progress.  You need to carefully strategize and use your heroes wisely because the levels are challenging and the enemies do not mess around!

88 Heroes will be available in late March for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  It will feature different game modes like Magnificent 8 mode, where you choose 8 heroes to complete the entire game.  It will also have a solo mode where you pick one hero and survive as long as possible.  here will be a boxed addition of the game that will feature 2 additional characters and 8 new levels in a special H8 mode.  You can also expect more heroes with future DLC.  Digital price will be $14.99 and physical price is $19.99.

We won’t have a review until the game is officially launched.  My early impressions so far have been very positive.  I absolutely love this game!  It’s challenging and absolutely hilarious.  There are some obscure heroes that will make you laugh out loud.  Make sure to keep it locked on GameOctane for a full review when 88 Heroes is launched.  In the meantime, check out some footage from the game and let us know what you think of it!  Let us know if you have what it t8kes to defeat Dr. H8 now and not wait a minute l8ter!  (Looks at that last sentence)…I’ll see myself out…..


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