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PreOrder Worms W.M.D and get the All-Stars Edition!

by on August 18, 2016

GameOctane is really excited for the release of Worms W.M.D, which is coming August 23rd on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC!  Team 17 Digital LTD, together with Sold Out and U&I Entertainment, have created an awesome new edition to the Worms series.  I had the chance to play at E3 this year, and loved the new additions to the franchise.

If you are a fan of the series, you need to run to your local retailer and pre-order Worms W.M.D in order to secure your copy of the All-Star Edition!  Not only do you get the full game, but you also receive a whole bunch of incredible pre-order bonuses.  The special content includes:

  • Rocket League – Soccer meets driving meets Worms in the Rocket League Octane Battle-Car;
  • Goat Simulator – Goat-on-a-Rope weapon brings out a homicidal maniac with hooves that explode and turn opponents’ troops into worm meat;
  • PAYDAY 2 – Players stick it to the man by dressing the invertebrate chums up in the masks that have become iconic for millions of PAYDAY 2 fans;
  • Saints Row IV The Dubstep gun will inflict massive damage while making pedestrians (and worms) dance;
  • Unturned – Popular zombie-fest lets fans dress their slimy pals in a three mask set and wage war in an Unturned mission;
  • Broforce – Coming to the explosive rescue of worms everywhere is the fan favorite Broforce Turkey Bomb to rain down fiery hell from the skies;
  • Orcs Must Die! Unchained – The three mask set lets players unleash the excellent crafted minions weapon in anticipation for the Orc Invasion;
  • Yooka-Laylee – Players dress up worms as one of gaming’s most anticipated double acts with the awesome Yooka-Laylee seven mask set;
  • The Escapists – The three mask set from the award-winning 2015 hit The Escapists is a must-have accessory for all wormy wannabe escapists;
  • Classic Worms – Fans relive their precious Worms memories of mutually-assured worm destruction unleashing the Ming Vase, Sheep Launcher and Kamikaze weapons, five classic missions, and the classic Worms three mask set.

My favorite bonus is the DubStep gun.  I cannot wait to use it to annihilate some enemy worms.  This edition will not last long, so make sure you secure your copy by pre-ordering the game!  The game will sell at retail for $29.99.  You can pre-order at Gamestop and other retailers.

GameOctane will bring you the review of Worms W.M.D next week!!  Until then, stay tuned to our social media channels – we will be streaming Worms W.M.D before the game releases and would love for you to check out the game!  And make sure to check out the gallery below to see some of the bonus content in action –

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Let us know in the comments if you are pre-ordering the game!!!!



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