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Powerwash Simulator to Be Published by Square Enix

by on May 27, 2021

PowerWash Simulator is exactly what the title suggests. Players take on the role as a cleaner, scrubbing away years of filth with the power of a power washer, also known as a pressure washer in some locations. The simulation genre has been expanding to all kinds of unique subject matter over the years. PowerWash Simulator is no exception and one I am rather excited to experience.

Players build their own power washing business in a lighthearted and humorous narrative. Your role is to take on jobs and clean up the town of ‘Muckingham’. To accomplish this, players can upgrade their equipment to better deal with different types of grime. PowerWash Simulator recently entered Steam Early Access on May 19th. Currently, the game contains 17 jobs in career and freeplay modes. There is also a more unusual challenge where you can clean on Mars! New modes, including multiplayer features, are on the development roadmap along with regular content updates.

I have personally fallen into the rabbit hole of watching cleaning videos. People cutting overgrown grass, edging pathways, and, you guessed it, pressure washing. It is oddly satisfying to hear the sounds of lawn equipment or high pressure water whizzing away. Pressure washing stands out visually due to the dramatic before and after process that occurs in real-time. It is simple, yet gratifying and relaxing. PowerWash Simulator aims to recreate this pleasant and addictive experience in game-form.

Due to the collaboration with Square Enix Collective, FuturLab will be able to continue development of PowerWash Simulator throughout early access and beyond. FuturLab Founder and Creative Director James Marsden commented on the recent announcement:

“Our original vision for POWERWASH SIMULATOR was to expand the game in ways that would appeal to a large audience, with the potential of licensed content. Square Enix Collective is the perfect publishing choice as we share a united vision regarding the future of the game.”  Marsden further noted that “the creative opportunities that this collaboration opens up for us is incredible, and we’re delighted to be working with such a renowned publisher.”

PowerWash Simulator is now available on Steam Early Access:

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