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First Impressions: Pokemon Sword/Shield

by on June 19, 2019

Among all of the chaos that is E3, I was lucky enough to play the demo for Pokemon Sword and Shield. These are the latest installments for the Pokemon franchise. Now they don’t come out until later this year, but I just wanted to give my initial thoughts after playing the demo.

Now just like all the other Pokemon games it’s about the gameplay and the experience the player has. I instantly fell in love with the look of the game. Now when the game releases, players will be able to customize the appearance of their trainer. Seems to be common in recent releases in the series.

So let me set the stage for what I experienced. We didn’t get to explore the game’s world, moreover, we got to experience gym battles. Speaking of gym battles, they are still fun in the sense that you still have puzzles and other trainers you must get through to get to the Gym Leader.

Players got the opportunity to battle in the Aqua Gym. Which was a breathtaking sight to behold. We got to take on Gym Leader Nessa and her water type Pokemon. Nessa is an expert on Water-type Pokemon and she will overwhelm any opponent in battle by blasting them with powerful Water-type moves.

The part that blew me away ( well other than the fact of being one of the first people to play), was the Dynamax mode. Now I know what you may be thinking. What’s “Dynamax”? Dynamax is kind of like Mega-Evolution on steroids. Your Pokemon will turn into giant versions of themselves. And yes with this comes stronger moves and abilities!

Dynamax mode is limited of course, but it helped turn the tide of the gym battle for me. Using it with one of the new Pokemon announced(Corvinknight), was fantastic if I do say so myself. I for one cannot wait until the actual physical release of sword and shield.

Before I get too ahead of myself I should mention the new starter Pokemon. Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble, the three Pokemon you can choose from. Sobble was actually a lot of fun to use in the demo. Although I am more of a fire type fan, it was nice to see it in action.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are taking everything we love about the franchise and upgrading it. As a gamer, I love when a developer keeps the gamer in mind and what they want out of their experiences. With that being said, I realize this is only a first-hand look at the game. I doubt they will disappoint us when the full game releases later this year. Until then enjoy this little video about some of what you can expect in the game.

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