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Playstation VR Updates!!

by on July 21, 2016

As we approach the release date of the most anticipated Virtual Reality headsets for console, there are some important updates that are both need to know and very exciting. Sony has released a new trailer showing off the concept of the headset as well as announcing new VR Title Support, more details on Theater and Cinematic Mode, and a Third Party headset that will be designed specifically for VR on PlayStation 4.

Playstation Japan has updated that the new Theater Mode or Cinematic Mode are modes that will allow you to watch movies and play regular PlayStation 4 games on the headset that are not normally VR Supported. These modes will allow you to run supported apps such as Netflix and play games in various screen sizes up to a virtual 225″ Screen. The mode will also allow you various experiences such as 360 Degree videos and pictures.

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Platronics has recently announced a gaming headset that will release within the same month as Playstation VR that is specifically designed going in line with the VR Technology and its needs while gaming. The RIG 4VR headset will have the following features that help VR Players stay comfortable and not completely out of touch from the real world….

1. Oval earcup design enables the RIG 4VR to fit comfortably while in use with wearable displays like the PlayStation VR headset
2. Vented earcup design allows in some ambient sound, helping players maintain natural balance during VR sessions and able to have conversations while playing with other people in the room.
3. Noise Canceling Microphone
4. Interchangeable cables for VR and Console

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The RIG 4VR is set for an October release along side the Playstation VR Headset for a retail price of $79.99. For more information please check out Plantronics website at Plantronics RIG 4VR.

Currently the Playstation VR Headset is still on track for its release of October 13th, 2016. Stay tuned right here at GameOctane for more information as we get closer.

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