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by on July 8, 2017

PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, the smash hit battle royale game, has been delayed. The game has been in open early access since March 23rd of 2017. The game took twitch and the gaming community by storm. It has consistently been one of the top games on twitch and has also sold 4 millions copies in the first 3 months of launch. Recently it was announced that PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS would be making it’s console debut on Xbox One.

But if you were waiting for the final release of  PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS you’ll have to wait a while longer. According to PLAYERUNKNOWN himself the game’s final release has been pushed back. PLAYERUNKNOWN said that the team was aiming for a 6 month stay in early access. Sadly they will have to readjust their timeline and move back the release of the final product. They are still targeting a fourth quarter release window for 2017, so hopefully it’ll hit right in time for the holiday. I personally feel this is great for the game, take as much time as you need. The core gameplay is fun and exciting so polish away. PLAYERUNKNOWN and the team have been great about giving us weekly updates during development, so this seems like a way to make a better final product and add more content. Regardless, check out PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS if you’re into battle royale style games. This is one of the best ones out there and it’s still in early access.

The full update from PLAYERUNKNOWN follows.


Today I want to update everyone on PLAYERUKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS progress through Early Access. The amount of support and feedback we have received from our community has been incredible. I want to thank you all for your bug reports, feedback and suggestions. As we continue to fix bugs, improve gameplay and add new content, it’s important to for us to deliver you a fully realized and polished Battle Royale experience as we look towards launch.


Over the past few months I have done a lot of interviews, and in many of them, I said we hoped to be out of Early Access six months after we first launched. I’ve come to realize that restricting the window to a specific month could hinder us from delivering a fully featured game and/or lead to disappointment within the community if the launch deadline is not met.


So, we have decided that we are going push the full launch back a bit from the initial six-month timeframe, but want to assure you that we are still planning a full release before the end of Q4 2017.


We will continue to push weekly and monthly updates until full launch as we want to ensure that the game we release is the best version possible. This is why we’re giving a launch window rather than an exact date. We hope this makes sense, and appreciate your understanding.


As always, I want to thank you all for your continued support.


See you in-game,



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