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Override 2: Super Mech league Review

by on March 16, 2021
Release Date

December 2020


Modus Studios


Override 2: Super Mech league, made by Modus Studios, is the sequel to Override: Mech City Brawl. Both games are kaiju themed, robot filled, arena brawlers. I have heard positive things about the first game and was even gifted a copy that I never got around to playing; so I was very excited to see I would be given the opportunity to review the second installment in the series. Does it live up to it’s predecessors hype? Read on to find out

First thing you’ll notice is that Online is quieter than a ghost town. Seeing as we are giant robots wrecking shop, you’d think that would be a positive, but alas you can’t have fun if there’s nobody to play with unfortunately. On the bright side the song that plays while you wait is catchy and doesn’t get annoying; even after the thirty minute mark when I gave up trying to find somebody to play with. After giving up on online play I was greeted with league mode and wouldn’t you know it the voice of Zoe, who was talking to me, was muted by the song I had been “enjoying” for the past half hour. This is a shame because the VA was good. If this is any indicator of how the rest of my time here will be… I’m not gonna enjoy myself.

The tutorial is incredibly bare-bones affair with simple checklists so small you can barely read them. Finish one list, move to the next. At first I thought this was going to control well as movements were simple yet satisfying however all my joy left me once I got to attacking. Someone in their infinite wisdom thought melee combat would be best represented with the shoulder buttons! If they have ever held or used an Xbox controller, which I’m starting to sincerely doubt, then they clearly didn’t understand how frustratingly stupid it would be to assign the buttons like that. The Xbox controller alone isn’t exactly well suited for fighting games but this decision just reminds me of all the other ways this game has taken great things and ruined them in it’s implementation. and even aside from how terribly this game controls despite being a smooth as butter experience to move your fighter, the fighter itself is of a ridiculous size compared to everything else and the playable area of the screen which makes paying attention to things just a real nightmare. This is further exacerbated by the terrible camera perspective that you are constantly fighting with whenever you take a single step after carefully repositioning things to a bearable level. Of course the extremely overpowering sound of the frantic, albeit crunchy and satisfying music, is in full force the whole time. It’s honestly as if someone who doesn’t know how to mix music slapped some cool stuff they heard together and called it a day without any thought taken into sound design or any other aspect of the game at all. Just a real rough mess the whole way. When I rage quitted the ridiculously awful controls to see if there was a way to start playing the game It actually brought me back to Zoe and her dialogue that happens before the tutorial happens and it’s just an endless loop of it. You’d have to actually close the game to get out of this. Alternatively you can suffer through the tutorial like I did and pray that it somehow gets better.

After surviving the tutorial I found that league was only going to let me play as 5 of the 22 characters available in quickplay. Whatever. I picked Greninja as my starter poke… mech, picked a brawl match, and immediately was incapable of understanding what was happening as a cacophony of of explosions, camera jank, and complete inability to see a single character just slammed my eyes for a solid minute. It was a unplayable mess that I button mashed my way through. Once the destructible environment, another cool idea that just utterly failed in implementation, was over, I then saw the game for what it was: A boring, hard to play experience that I wanted nothing to do with anymore. The icing on the cake of this terrible hour playing Override 2? I tried a second time at quickplay after my first round and soon learned I was incapable of connecting to the game servers. I tried for ten minutes before giving up entirely. Is it tied to the fact I didn’t finish that match? who knows? Who cares? I won’t be putting more effort into this dumpster fire of a game.

Should you spend your hard earned money on Override 2? No. Just no. Don’t wait for a sale. If it’s gifted to you, Decline and give your buddy a hug cause they probably are that desperate to have someone to play with and justify the money they wasted on themselves already.

Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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- Models and overall graphics are good
- Music is adrenaline pumping which is perfect for a brawler
- Voice acting is stellar
- The robot runs really smoothly


- Camera and perspective is terrible and makes for a frustrating time trying to figure out what is even happening
- The Decent music drowns out everything except the rage that wells up from within from trying to play this game
- Controls are so bad and unintuitive I have to question if the devs ever played a fighting game before

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Bottom Line

Don't even contemplate it for a second. This game is not ready.

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