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Opinion – The Key to Avenger’s Success is Longevity

by on August 28, 2020

We are about a week away from the launch of the Avengers (unless you purchased the Deluxe Edition and will play 3 days early).  And for better or for worse, I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s been a wild journey since E3 2019.  The gameplay reveal was met with mixed reactions, although I felt that it was going to be just fine when I saw the footage myself on the E3 floor.  And throughout its development, I have had a rollercoaster of emotions thinking about whether or not this will be a title for me.

Consider what we know so far.  Avengers will feature a whole new story featuring some of the greatest comic characters.  Along for the ride is Kamala Khan, who is a fantastic character who oozes optimism in the face of adversity.  It’s so awesome seeing her included on the team.  The story looks very interesting with lots of time spent on seeing how each Avenger deals with a vast army and a population of citizens who distrust them.

However, despite the characters and story, I became concerned with multiplayer.  The campaign is single-player only.  Yes, the Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, are coming to video game platforms and you can’t play the story as a team.  Multiplayer missions are found in the War Zone missions.  Think of War Zone missions as standalone issues of a comic.  They don’t necessarily add to the greater story but offer a chance to save lives and be superheroes.

And while War Zone missions sound fun, I was very worried about how much time this game will require to gain true superhero status.  How much grinding will I need to do with my friends to gain all of the costumes, rewards, and power-ups?  As a father of 4, I have been thinking nonstop about whether or not I can keep up with the grind it will take to develop every possible hero.  Again, is this really the game for me?

This week, as we grew closer to launch, it dawned on me that I need to stop focusing on the grind.  Rather, I need to focus on all the good things that can come with a game when it is given the right amount of time.  In short, longevity is going to be the key to the Avenger’s success.  And while the single-player campaign will most likely end after about 20 hours, the lasting impact of War Zone will either make or break the game.  And it feels like Square Enix is in it for the long haul.

Given the creative team and the manpower, we can expect more content in the form of more War Zones.  We already know that Hawkeye is coming soon, as well as Spiderman (for Playstation owners only).  And if the rumors are true, the Avengers roster will grow in double digits.  Which means more costumes and more characters to level up.  And who knows – maybe the development team will find a way to allow a co-op experience in the main story.  Or add more DLC storylines to work through.

As much as I focused on grinding all these months, it’s becoming clear that the grind will undoubtedly make a better experience.  We don’t want to finish the campaign and a handful of War Zones over the weekend and not have some form of replayability.  Much like the comics, this game will rely on regular updates and long-lasting support.

And I know you are probably thinking “oh boo hoo, cry about grinding some more.”  And your right.  Grinding is not the factor to focus on.  It’s time to think about how much entertainment we will get as this game gets updated on a regular basis.  And above all else, we get the chance to be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  And that’s just fine with me.  And, it turns out, it’s just fine with my 3-year-old…as long as he can throw things with the Hulk.

The Avenger’s launches Sept. 4th if you are a standard edition owner on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Google Stadia.  Let us know if you are planning on picking it up!  If so, leave your gamertag so we can join up and defeat the evil forces of A.I.M.

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