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Oh My Godheads Review (PC)

by on July 8, 2018
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December 5, 2017





There are some classic arena party games that I love busting out at parties. Looking at you Bomberman 64… Oh My Godheads tries to recapture that arena style game with a unique twist on the genre. And that comes in the form of well, giant heads that are the basis for winning or losing the game. So let’s see if we can keep our heads or will the game make us blow our tops?


Oh My Godheads has a handful of different game modes to fill your party with laughter and pseudo-rage. King of the hill is a straightforward game mode. You must grab the Godhead and stand on the “hill” to score points for your team. Hopefully, your team will defend you and the points will pile on.

The second game mode, aptly named Capture The Head, is even more straightforward one. Although in my opinion the most fun and rewarding game mode. It’s a quirky take on the traditional capture the flag style game mode. In this version, players are rushing to the center of the map to grab a misshapen Godhead and bring it to the correctly colored altar. Depending on the map these altars can move locations.

The last two games modes are extremely lacking, maybe because the gameplay really isn’t suited for a straight-up team deathmatch or free for all. This is where the cracks begin to show in Oh My Godheads because the combat is neither fluid or rewarding. Players will find themselves rushing into the path of enemies and just smashing the attack button to hopefully get a lucky hit in. There are some special attacks and I found that the AI is extremely prone to dying to a normal jump and then smash attack. Again this is another lacking feature in Oh My Godheads.

The AI is not great. Maybe not the worst you can experience, but if you don’t have a group of friends to play with players will be tired of facing the same AI over and over. And with no online multiplayer to speak of Oh My Godheads left me bored after only a few rounds.

There is a “Trials” mode which seems to be built more towards a single player, but sadly seem to be extremely tacked on. “Kill all enemies”, “Kill all enemies by jump attack”, “Kill all enemies by using ranged attacks”… I think you realize where this is going. This mode doesn’t have enough depth or actually content to keep a lone person entertained for any amount of time.

The characters that you can choose to play as don’t change how you play. It’s just an easy way to tell each other apart on the battlefield. The Godheads themselves though do each have their own unique features. Some will explode if held for too long, other cause lightning storms to follow in the holder’s wake. Each ability impacts the way a match is played, adding much-needed variety to a stale game.


The visual style of Oh My Godheads is pleasing, although doesn’t take your breath away. It’s a cute game, reminding me of origami paper crafts come to life. Everything is colorful and happy…until Sir Fishelworth the penguin gets gutted by Shelly. (Although you can turn blood off in the options) The music is mostly just sub-par “background” music that should get drowned out by cheers and yelling form you and your friends as you struggle to get the Godhead back to your base to score the last point.

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Oh My God heads lacks any single player story to speak of. As is the focus of most party arena party games the spotlight is on gameplay alone. I feel this is a missed opportunity to flesh out the unique environments and characters with fun little details or back stories. Even having each map load in with some cheeky dialogue from characters giving you a peek behind the curtain into who these characters are or could be. I understand party games like this don’t usually have a story, but the execution in Oh My God heads feeling lacking.


Oh My Godheads is fun. I believe it could be a go-to party game for some grounds, getting more screen time than the latest addition of Bomberman or whatever your drunken party game may be. But as a complete package, players may not come back to the game unless they have a group to play with. Lacking in single player content, there is no replayability or progression to drive one to open this game apart from killing time with friends. There could have been cosmetic unlockables tied to the trials, or something along those lines to drive single player. Wouldn’t it be cooler to get killed by a penguin with a fancy wizard’s hat? Or maybe a skeleton with a jetpack? Something to drive players to open the game while they’re alone could have really been to Oh My Godheads benefit.

Bottom Line

Oh My Godheads falls on its abnormally large face when it comes to being a complete packaged game. The game is lacking in singleplayer features and content to keep you coming back for more. Though get a few buddies together and you could be in for a fun night of cough co-op gaming.

Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for reviews is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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+Fun Gameplay
+Easy to pick up


-No single player incentives
-Low replayability
-No Online play

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Bottom Line

Oh My Godheads falls on its abnormally large face when it comes to being a complete packaged game. The game is lacking in singleplayer features and content to keep you coming back for more. Though get a few buddies together and you could be in for a fun night of cough co-op gaming.

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