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Nintendo NX = Nintendo Switch!

by on October 20, 2016

After months of anticipation, Nintendo finally released a brand new trailer for their new console!  The official name of the console is Nintendo Switch!  If you have not yet seen in, check out the trailer below –

From the looks of things, a lot of the rumors were true.  The Switch not only works as a home console, but can also be used anywhere you go.  In the trailer, you see the button and joystick can be removed from the controller and attached to a screen.  The game plays right were you left off!  The screen can be used like the Wii U gamepad or propped up like a screen while you connect the button and joystick sections together and use them as a mini controller (called the Joy-Con controller).  You will have the option to use it for single or multiplayer experiences.

Check out our gallery of some of the screenshots from the trailer –

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And even better news, check out the third party support for the Switch!


I, for one, CANNOT WAIT for the switch.  We know that Nintendo has nailed the portable gaming market with the 3DS.  Now they are created a true HD handheld experience along with a home console experience.  I can’t wait to see it in action this spring!

What do you think of the announcement?  Let us know in the comments below!!!

The Nintendo Switch

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