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Next up Hero – Beta Preview

by on August 26, 2017

Next Up Hero is currently in BETA and will launch on any of your favorite platform to play on (PC, MAC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch!) Next Up Hero (NUH) has a great premise. It’s a 3/4 3D view of a world that is infested with monsters. In a very Diablo-like feel you run around and attack and kill all of the monsters you can. The trick is to stay alive…but it’s OK if you don’t. Because when you die, someone can play that level after you, pick you up (and anyone else that has died as well) and your echo will follow them around. But what fun is that? Well once you get enough echos following you around, you can use the echos and summon a powerful Ancient that will help you fight.

It’s a really neat premise and the graphics style goes with the gameplay perfectly. You gain skills by killing the enemies enough to learn their skill and there are also little fun things like different outfits you can unlock for whatever character you choose. There are seven different characters and two unlockable characters. Each having different attacks which go from melee to ranged. You can choose how difficult level you want to play or what area if you don’t want to play an existing one. You can also lock them to have a private level and only allow people you want to have access to. There’s a bunch of new features coming such as featured sessions and leaderboards. There is also a mode called Champions Trial. It costs a golden token to play and it’s a community event that can net you massive awards!

But…I have some problems. The controller scheme seems to catered to an Xbox One controller. There is a journal that wont open with my Xbox 360 controller. Another major problem…there isn’t anyone else playing. I’ve been off and on every now and then to see if I can join someone else’s level, but I haven’t seen a soul. It’s really disheartening to want to try to support this game when I can’t even try out the game’s calling feature. I hope they re-push this BETA and have a daily level to be played or something so people can come try out the mechanics of the game, or unfortunately I can’t see much pull for it when it releases.

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