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Next Up Hero Announced!

by on July 7, 2017

From the makers of Scribblenauts, Drawn to Life, and Lock’s Quest, we have a new game with a ton of potential that was just announced. BEHOLD… Next Up Hero! Next Up Hero is an arcade style beat-em-up where death is all part of the process. The game looks to involve a 3/4 top down view with twin stick shooter mechanics. You WILL die according to the devs, and it’s all part of the show. When you do die, you will leave behind an ‘Echo’ of your hero. Then your friend, or someone online it seems, can jump into your game and resurrect you as an AI battle companion to continue on the battle. Once that hero dies the cycle will go on and on until the boss has been destroyed. From the trailer below it looks like once you get enough AI Echos you can combine them into a more powerful Hero, called Ancients, to help you. On top of all of this each hero can have its on customization and power ups. Next Up Hero looks will be on our watch list, because damn does this look fun! This game has all of us here all hyped up and ready to get our hands on this game. It’s currently in closed BETA and looking to go in to Early Access later this year with a quarter one release date in 2018. Check out videos and all the other goodies below!




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