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New Prison Architect DLC: Prison Ward for Consoles!

by on June 6, 2017

Double Eleven and Introversion has announced starting today June 6th PS4 players can access the new Prison Ward DLC and June 9th for Xbox One players! Psych Ward is priced at $3.99 USD and is also available as a bundle with the base game and is also available in the Prison Architect: All Day and a Psych bundle for $29.99 USD. This DLC seems to add some great features to the already fun game. Check our review for Prison Architect here!


Following on from the free Prison Architect Community Update, which brought super nifty Sniper Towers to PlayStation™4 and Xbox One, publisher Double Eleven has announced a shiny new DLC pack, featuring never-before-seen inmates, staff and more. Prison Architect: Psych Ward is available on June 6th for PlayStation™ 4, and June 9th for Xbox One players.

Budding wardens can now choose to open their lockups up to the Criminally Insane, a new security class with different requirements to their genpop brothers, and with new inmates come new challenges. Will you rise to the occasion and run the world’s best rehabilitation and treatment facility? Or will you buckle under the pressure and watch as your creation crumbles to poorly-run rubble?

So how does a well-meaning warden actually help a ragtag intake of Criminally Insane prisoners with different and more complex needs? Well on top of being nice (always helps), for the first time you can hire a highly educated, monocle-wearing, tweed-suited Psychologist. This helpful chap will host one-to-one consultations with inmates, which helps balance their mood and slow their escalating anxieties.

What all this means is that Prison Architect: Psych Ward provides players with a whole new mix of challenges which need solutions. Here’s what’s included in the new DLC pack:

The Criminally Insane – inmates with new and varied reputations and traits, forcing players to explore new approaches to prison management.

Psychopathic Inmates – The most volatile and unpredictable criminally insane inmates have 5 or more traits and are branded Psychopathic! Keep a watchful eye out for these guys stepping off the bus.

Psychiatrist staff member – Hold consultation sessions to help support your prisoners’ needs.

New room types – Who doesn’t love their own space? Padded cells gradually improve inmate’s desires for Privacy, Comfort, Safety and Freedom, as well as feelings of Suppression.

Breakout!- A new game preference setting which allows you to ramp up the frequency of prisoner tunnel attempts.

Two new Wardens- Hawk Hartman improves the performance of guards, while Dr Slugworth offers additional benefits for Criminally Insane inmates.

2 new pre-built prisons and 2 new building plots to use in Prison Warden mode.

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