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Mythgard Early Impressions

by on August 19, 2019

Game Octane was given a copy of this game for use in this review. All content contained within the article are the sole thoughts and opinion of the author and has not been influenced or doctored in any way.

Mythgard is a new CCG and creator Rhino Games Inc’s first game. Currently it is in the alpha stage with a move to beta slated for September. It is free to play with purchasable currency though first impressions seem to show a kindness to newcomers that is a little more generous than other offerings. For those worried about putting real money into the game only for an account wipe to happen in the near future; Mythgard has offered to let you keep any currency you purchased as well as offer ten percent extra as a token of thanks for helping test out the game. This is welcoming as they are releasing new deck types and cards and those willing to pay now will find it easier to make the decks they want out the gate after the wipe.

Gameplay options include:
– Story and puzzle modes that teach the player how to play the game and get familiar with the cards.
– A gauntlet that pits you against multiple ai’s in a row
– PVP modes that include a very fun 2v2 option.

Like most Gacha/CCG games, Mythgard offers daily and weekly goals to complete for in game prizes. The game also offers a playing incentive by having pooled coins available for playing games. Getting a new pack each day through winning matches and these rewards seem very plausible. Packs themselves, for those interested, contain six cards with three common, two uncommon and one rare in each. Lastly, at the end of each PvP match, you have the ability to give a thumbs up. If your opponent also does this; you get what are called MAAT points (Mutually Agreed Awesome Time) that are used for said cards.

The story itself begins with Percy, a self proclaimed minor god, who was left home alone for a thousand years. After this time of no visitors, posh Rita Repulsa decides to return to earth to see what’s up. What she finds is not five teenagers with attitude but dragons in the sky, modern architecture and an adorable, “Savage” Wolfling. after laying some smack down on a vampire, you and the pup decide to go about the journey of finding out what happened as apparently the gods are gone and that’s… no good. The story itself however isn’t simply focused on Percy but rather more characters become playable to help show you how each deck type works. Overall it’s a strange setting that has some plot issues but at the end of the day it’s meant to teach in a fluid manner and it does that well enough so long as you concentrate on the “heart” of the card game.

Gameplay is reminiscent of other card games like magic and hearthstone with it’s own unique features to help make it stand out from the crowd. Turns unfold by “burning” a card (discarding into the deck) to get mana points and colour tokens. These points and tokens, much like in MTG, replenish each turn and are needed to take action. For example a minion might need two mana and one red colour token. Each minion needs a turn to become active after summoning and unless properly buffed, must attack another minion if there is one opposing it in the three adjacent spots opposite it; otherwise you may target an empty space for a direct attack. Minions can also move one space per turn but unless properly buffed, will not be able to attack. If you run out of cards you will take damage and combat will end when one side goes to zero or less health. 2v2 is a little different but very fun. In this mode you and a partner face off against two others with pooled health and 1 shared space on the board. After that everything else is your own though you can still apply card effects and magic like ignite anywhere on the board. For winning a game you will be rewarded with experience, coins, and a card. Rewards are also available on level up.

Mythgard is pretty fun stuff at the end of the day. It’s a hybrid Hearthstone meets MTG CCG and quite frankly; It’s what I wanted to see for quite a while now. Go ahead and give it a go; you won’t be disappointed. Mythgard is currently available for Android, IOS, Steam and browser. That said only the latter can be accessed without asking a team member in the discord for a copy.

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