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Myst 25th Anniversary Collection has been funded on Kickstarter!

by on April 13, 2018

Myst 25th Anniversary Collection…

In just a little over 8 hours from the original posting date of April 9th, 2018 this past week, Myst 25th Anniversary Collection was funded and fans are ready to re-live all the adventure, headache, and puzzle solving that the collection has to offer. Currently as of today, the project has been funded more than 3 times over its original goal of $247,500. It is currently at $763,798 and still rising.

History and Background…

According to the official Kickstarter page, “In the fall of 1993, Cyan released Myst – the surreal, graphical adventure game that provided an entirely new kind of experience for millions of virtual explorers. Surpassing Cyan’s wildest expectations, it not only became the bestselling PC game of the 20th century, it also had a direct influence on popular culture. Over the years, Myst has brought together communities of passionate fans and has been referenced in television shows, movies, books, comics, and more. Myst has also inspired other creators as they built their own unique realms. Myst has even earned spots in the Smithsonian Institute, MoMA, and other notable museums”.

Project Details…

Donations for the project vary between the below $10 mark where you get nothing but thanks for donating, up to $49 to get digital copies of all 7 Myst games, $99, $169, and more. Depending on the level of donation you make, the more cool stuff you get. They have come up with some really cool and unique items for this special release including working with a company called Idea Planet that makes a ton of collectibles for a lot of different video games, movies, and other events.

Donate Now…

Head on over to their Official Kickstarter page to find out more details and on how to get your collection now!

Kickstarter: Myst 25th Anniversary Collection – CLICK HERE


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