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Mighty Goose Review

by on October 17, 2021
Release Date

June 5th, 2021


Blastmode, MP2 Games


Retro themed gaming has shown no signs of stopping though one genre has not nearly been as represented as the heavy hitting action platformer and metroidvania genres; the run and gun. In comes the angriest, most vicious animal known to man; the goose.That’s right somebody decided it was time for peace to truly not be an option. So is what’s good for the Mighty Goose good for your gander? Why not read on and find out!

I’ll keep this brief cause Mighty Goose is pretty straightforward stuff. It’s a mix of Contra, Guardian Heroes, other classic run and gun games but for a more modern audience. You can collect weapons at any time for instance by using your phone to purchase them. You have an invincible dash and you also get companions to help you out (these companions can also be played by a 2nd player if you have remote play or someone over at your place.) Mighty Goose takes these innovations but takes time to polish familiar themes with how the game plays, how it looks, sounds (The sound track is phenomenal)… Just about every way you can think of. In short… Me gooseta.

There are a few modern touches i think should be explained in a little more depth though. There is a map and the game saves between each stage. This allows you to replay stages for further completion or scale things back if it’s getting to hard. As you complete stages, you will get access to upgrades for Jon Goosebo like better dashing and the like. Part of the fun IMO is going to the arena stage and trying different upgrades and companions to get a load out you prefer as things progress.

I really don’t have much more to say except Mighty Goose is mighty fun. The price is right, it’s pretty much on every platform you can think of and the gameplay is top notch. Give it a go if you like the genre. If you are on the fence though; it is on Xbox Game Pass for PC and they hand those memberships out like every day is your birthday. B+


- Music is amazing
- Controls are spot on
- Classic feel with modern QOL
- Able to replay levels with new loadouts
- Lots to collect and use


- Not enough ways to honk aggressively
- No proper online 2 player to better align with genre classics like Contra and Metal Slug.

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Bottom Line

Play it if you can get it. Perfect introduction to the genre but the lack of proper multiplayer is keeping the game back B+

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