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Micro Machines World Series – Review with Brandon and Jason

by on July 14, 2017
Release Date

June 30, 2017


Codemasters, Just Add Water



Micro Machines: World Series for the Playstation 4 is a solid and very entertaining refresh of the original video game series. The different game modes add a ton of replay value and trash talking fodder for your co-op party. The overall gameplay was fast, responsive and felt fluid, without suffering from any stuttering or tearing caused by the constant, massive explosions that are constantly caused by players beating the crap out of each other. These explosions, caused by power ups and weapons dropped along each track, added an incredibly fun element of player vs player combat to the racing game. Speaking of player vs player combat, the new Battle Mode really stands out. It is very easy to lose hours at a time blasting opponents with different weapons and pushing them off edges in this new deathmatch style combat mode. The individual vehicles in the game are incredibly customizable, and add a ton of replay value to unlock all of the different skins, voices and sprays for taunting your opponents, and other unlockables. The vehicles themselves are widely varied, and each one has definite strengths and weaknesses depending on the player’s playstyle.

The game does suffer from a few drawbacks, most of which may just be player bias and just being generally terrible at the game. The Elimination Mode was way too difficult, way too early, and does not give you even the remote chance of catching up to the lead car if you happen to have a poor start out of the gate. This is in part caused by the slightly steep learning curve for top down racing controls, which can feel very arcadey at times. This is all amplified by the fact that when we reviewed this game, there were very few other players online, and most of our racing was against the AI, which felt a little too overpowered at first and did not seem to adapt to our skill level very well.

Overall, this is a solid game that I, personally, will keep playing well past the date on this article. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wants a couch or online co-op game to play with a few friends and talk some smack.


Damn I remember playing Micro Machines on the NES with my brother and cousins and just absolutely raging on the AI on how lucky they seemed to be. Well they are back. The same damned AI with the same damn classic profile pictures. I loved it. The gameplay felt the same as the old days. Meaning top down racing can be a bit confusing at first and takes a bit before you can master it. The vehicles and tracks are bright and colorful and they didn’t slack on the details. For example on the breakfast table track there is a dog that is on the ground somewhat out of focus and moves around looking like its awaiting for a piece of food to drop down for it to eat. When I saw that I had to call it out to Brandon to show him and I smiled lap after lap that I saw it.

The racing itself is a little difficult at first, constantly sliding and hitting each other, not taking the turn right and falling off of the track. hitting a saw blade…you know the usual racing hazards, and to top it all off, there are weapon powerups everywhere. So be prepared to get your ass kicked more ways than once. There were some very awesome modes to break away from the normal racing modes, they had elimination where you had to race to stay on screen and the longer you stayed on screen the more points you got, as well as the less points you got if you got eliminated quickly. This goes on until one of the racers reaches the finish line on the UI on the top of the screen. This was a fairly difficult mode to do on some of the tracks, especially if you didn’t know the track very well. They had capture the flag as well which relied more on weapons and team work than fast racing. Both were a fun challenge. There is also a Ranked mode than you can unlock at level five, it was level 10 at launch and seemed a bit extreme.

The customizing on each vehicle was a fun way to continue racing even if you were getting beaten down over and over. You get a chest after every level or could purchase some of the more rarer skins to get some really awesome looking vehicles. Not to mention G.I.Joe tanks with Cobra skins!! After each unlock Brandon and I would brag about which skin each of us got or some funny new voice or emblem. I really enjoyed the look and feel of each vehicle even though I stuck with my standard truck as a racer.

Now for the online part. Playing on PS4 made it really easy to get a party going and jump into the fray. The issue was….no one was around. Either that or there was an issue with the matchmaking. I played the game long enough to get to level 10 the first night. I maybe raced against another human like 5% of the time. That part was a bit frustrating. Why was it frustrating? Because after getting beat over and over by the AI you hope to play against someone worse than you so you can gather some racing points haha. But though out the playing the game both of us mentioned how sad it was that we couldn’t connect with anyone. The game really does deserve more.

Micro Machines World Series as a whole is a fun solid racing game to play with friends. If you don’t have anyone to play with as a party you could be racing nothing but AI every race and that can be draining. The unlockable customizations really save this game with the lack of multiplayer racing. Even with the issues, I’m still going to come back and see how I do in Ranked mode!

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+ Fun chaotic racing
+ Awesome Customization
+ Nostalgia city
+ New modes keep it fresh and fun


- No other online racers
- Fairly difficult to control from top down at first
- AI does not care about your skill level

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Bottom Line

Overall, this is a solid game that I, personally, will keep playing well past the date on this article. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wants a couch or online co-op game to play with a few friends and talk some smack.

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