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Mega 16 Race this Saturday 11/4/17!!!

by on November 1, 2017

Mega 16 Race 11/4/17!

A good friend of mine, TheMotherBrain86 ( Twitter | Twitch ), has decided to create a Sega Genesis/ Sega Mega Drive race for everyone to enjoy! Titled ‘Mega 16’, it is exactly what it sounds like. A fun, challenging race consisting of 16 classic games, in 16 glorious bits. The games were chosen to keep the race around 3 hours…if you practice. Personally, it would probably be about 30 haha. I hope to join in the race but it looks like my schedule may keep me from it.

At the time of the writing, there are 13 racers signed up already! Please check out the Mega 16 homepage for more info, signup, rules, and the rompack.


Bram Stoker’s Dracula Beat the game (trainer%)
Super Hang On Complete beginner course (arcade)
Gain Ground Beat world 1 (easy%)
Marble Madness Beat the game (default)
Sub-Terrania Beat mission 5
Dark Castle Beat the game (easy%)
Streets of Rage Beat mission 4
Dahna – Megami Tanjou Beat stage 3
Revenge of Shinobi Beat round 5 (easy%)
Earthworm Jim Beat “down the tubes 1”
Chakan: The Forever Man Clear 2 portals (default)
Vectorman Beat day 5 (lame difficulty)
Rocket Knight Adventures Beat stage 3 (easy%)
World of Illusion Beat the shark (default)
Castlevania: Bloodlines Beat stage 3-9 (easy)
Sonic the Hedgehog Beat the game


I am super excited for this race, as many races today don’t show the Mega System/Genesis much love. Coming this Saturday, it has it’s the chance to shine! This is the first official Mega 16 race, and hopefully the first of many. Please tune in and cheer on the runners. Or try running the games alongside them. Maybe run the games after the race after learning some speedrun routes. Either way, sit back and enjoy the show! If it wasn’t for my busy schedule I would be running as well, and I am absolutely terrible at most of these games, but you have to start somewhere right? Hopefully, TMB will allow me to sneak in as a commentator for a bit during the run!

Hope to see you all there!!!

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