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Lunark Kickstarter Now LIVE!

by on January 22, 2019

Lunark Kickstarter Now LIVE!

For those of you who have been following GameOctane for a bit may remember how much I loved Flinthook. I absolutely adored that game, both gameplay and visually. Johan Vinet one of the best pixel artists and animators, who contributed to Flinthook (as well as other games), just dropped his new game on Kickstarter called Lunark. Under the studio Canari Games, he is putting their faith in us as gamers, to help fund this game. I will post some details below, but if you just want to get to the link here they are:

Lunark Kickstarter



No hiding it, I already jumped on the Early Bird Soundtrack pledge! What makes it better? Johan even created all the music and SFX for the game!

(Pulled straight off of the Kickstarter page)

Lunark is a 2D cinematic platformer in the vein of ’80s and ’90s classics such as Prince of Persia and Flashback. Run, jump, hang, climb, roll, and shoot your way through mysterious alien ruins, a flying penitentiary, a high-tech megalopolis, and a majestic forest.

As Earth became inhospitable, Noah, an AI whose sole purpose was to preserve humanity, was created. Noah chose the Moon as humanity’s Ark – renamed Lunark – using it as a ship to evacuate a handful of chosen ones to the nearest superhabitable planet. Unfortunately, whether the planet was inhabited or not was not part of Noah’s programming.

Centuries later, you play as Leo, an orphan rejected for being… different. You’ll retrace your origins in the midst of a rebellion against the totalitarian regime of Lunark, and meet a wide cast of colorful characters, stuck on either side of the escalating conflict.

I’ve designed Lunark as a homage to cinematic platformers while bringing modernity to a lot of the core aspects: The controls are responsive and intuitive and the progression system generous. The game is meant to feel fresh while being nostalgic. Lunark is also a short and sweet adventure focused on delivering a thrilling narrative with explosive moments.

The game will be available on PC & Mac in English, French, and Spanish. I hope to be able to add even more platforms and languages depending on how well the campaign and development goes. A survey will be sent to backers upon release to confirm platform choices.

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