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Review – Loading Human Chapter 1 PSVR

by on October 29, 2016
Release Date

October 13th, 2016


Untold Games


It comes with not so great news that I get to deliver my first ever horrible review on a recently released title. Loading Human is a Sci-Fi adventure game born Virtual Reality. While it may have been born for VR, it looks like it may have missed its due date. Set in a distant future, the game will give you the life of Prometheus, a pilot that will travel across the galaxy to retrieve the quintessence, the most powerful energy source of the known universe, in order to save his father. Live the Story in a immersive and cinematic VR experience.

Where to start? Upon loading the game, you are presented with the initial setup and configuration for the game which asks you for you height which is not too bad to get through. It is a fairly easy process getting the settings configured and going straight to it. Here is where things start to go downhill however.

After the initial loading screen and configuration, you are thrown into a tutorial for what I feel have to be the most complex set of controls for the PlayStation VR yet. It takes you through all the series of commands and gestures on how to control your character throughout the game. For me, this was a very painful process to get through as it took me a couple of times to figure out what they were asking me to do despite the visuals on the wall in front of me telling me exactly what to do.

When getting to the graphics, I was hoping for more to be honest. While the graphics are not the greatest, I would expect with taking a hit in that the controls would be a bit more responsive and not as glitchy as they are. As much as I tried to force myself through the beginning part of the game, I couldn’t help but have the need to just stop playing, remove the headset and question why on earth I was putting myself through that level of frustration. With all that said, hopefully with some future updates and bug fixes, things will get better. If not, then they should have named this game Loading Human: The FINAL Chapter.

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Lots of items to interact with


Controls are a bit glitchy even after a proper calibration and configuration of the room for VR.
Graphics are lacking and could be better

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Bottom Line

Overall, I feel this game has potential but may have been released on PSVR a little too early and will need some more work done. That exactly being the reason that maybe with some patches and fixes in the near future, some of these issues mentioned can be corrected for a better experience. Until then, this human will be loading another game.

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