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Laser League Preview (PC)

by on April 20, 2018

There has been an upward trend in 3 on 3 multiplayer games.  Most have fast-paced action and quick matches (like Rocket League).  Recently, I had the opportunity to check out Laser League, a wonderful addition to the 3 on 3 genres.  Check out some gameplay footage, and read on to hear my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far –

Laser League reminds me of a futuristic Tron, where citizens of the future gather to watch players with different abilities go head to head.  The class dynamic is a lot of fun, and each class can change the flow of the game.  As I mentioned in the video, the Shock and Shield class are my favorites because they can temporarily immobilize other players, stopping them in the path of the laser walls.  Each match has 3 rounds and allows you to change your class if you lose a round.

The game is in Early Access and is a lot of fun to play.  Unfortunately, I played against quite a few AI during my latest playthrough.  I don’t want the game to be left behind, so what can Roll7 do to attract more players?

The easiest way is to have some weekly events for more XP.  Players can level up by completing challenges for each class and earning XP.  Perhaps having special unlockable emblems for earning the most XP will bring out more players, especially those who want to customize their characters.

Another suggestion would be the addition of a few game modes.  The easiest one I can think of is a Domination type mode.  The team that holds a ball or orb the longest will win.  The developers could disengage a player’s abilities when holding the ball, which would make things very interesting.  You can also do the same thing with the laser walls.  Whoever controls the most nodes will win.  I’m sure it is easier said than done, but the addition of these game modes could help change up gameplay.

Laser League is currently in Early Access (it’s free to play this weekend and on sale until April 23rd!), so there is lots of room for the fanbase and game to grow.  As always, make sure to give Roll7 feedback that will help improve the game!

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