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Lacuna – PC (Review)

by on July 18, 2021
Release Date

May 20, 2021


DigiTales Interactive


Lacuna – PC (Review)

Lacuna is a 2d side scrolling sci-fi noir adventure game. The Player is Agent Neil Conrad a CDI Officer in a universe ripe with espionage and intergalactic conspiracy. The game gives you multiple choices with its “sheets” mechanic. The sheets make you pay attention to conversations and if you need to go back and make sure you have not missed any crucial details. Every conversation is logged so you can read past conversations encase you have missed a crucial detail.

Lacuna has a branching story with optional side missions. The story depends on how you play it either fast and loose or buy the book. In one mission you have to question hotel guest and workers.The game makes you question the hotel manager but its optional to question everyone else. Depending on how good you do determines the outcome of each case. Lacuna uses a Batman Arkham-like investigator mode to search for clues to help solve your cases.. You can completely get info wrong which leads to an arrest of an innocent person. Also, you can completely ignore details which can lead to mission failure. Going back and redoing these cases to gather all of the information adds to the replay value greatly.

The ambient sound effects make the city come alive. The crowded streets buzzing with chatter from passerby’s to bands playing on the corner. You can hear flying cars winding between buildings and over the skyline. The music is so enjoyable and fits the style perfectly with a jazzy Synthwave going from smooth notes while exploring the city to pulse-pounding electronic beats when the action kicks in. The Graphic style fits the game perfectly from the player models to the effects that make the city come alive.

The game plays smoothly though I did run into a glitch/bug.  When you climb up the steps you can get stuck on the top step and it will make you slowly slide back down to the bottom. This just happened to me a couple of times throughout my play through. I cannot recommend this game enough from the aesthetics to the game play this was enjoyable experience from start to finish and I cant wait to jump back in for another round.

Note: GameOctane received a digital code from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing this game. Any code or product intended for review is distributed to the team to review and stream for our audience.

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+ Great atmosphere
+ A solid addition into the adventure game genre
+ Great depth if you want to learn about the world the info is there


- The stair glitch

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Bottom Line

If you love the adventure point and click genre this is a must have the atmosphere and story is engrossing and the replay ability just adds to the experience.

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