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Kingdom Hearts 3 finally has a Release date!

by on July 16, 2017

The Disney Expo has kicked off and has brought us a plethora of Disney related news. The big news for gaming fans though is that KINGDOM HEARTS 3 HAS A RELEASE DATE!!! 


Ok let’s get real for a minute. It has a release “window”. “Coming 2018” the trailer tells us, but this is good news. Before they have not stated a release window for Kingdom Hearts 3, we only had speculation to go on. Now we have actual word from the developers where they are targeting. I personally feel like the game is alot farther along than we think and maybe it’ll will surprise us with a early summer release date. This is all just wishful thinking on my end, but I can’t help myself. Also We got treated to a new world in the Kingdom Hearts Universe. Sora, Donald, and Goofy will be venturing to Andy’s Room and the world of Toy Story! We also see Sora jump into giant toy robots and fight heartless. So we now know three of the worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 now, Hercules, Tangled, and now Toy Story. Upon closer inspection of the trailer we also see that Sora meets with enemies outside of the manor from Kingdom Hearts II in Twilight Town. There is also a handful of new weapons and enemy types to speculate over as well. Leave it to us Kingdom Hearts fans to pick apart this trailer frame by frame to find any clues.

In the following trailer you can watch Sora and friends be toyified. As a long time fan I can’t wait and this gets me so ready for the next installment of Kingdom Hearts.

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