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Kingdom Come Deliverance has sold over a half a million units.

by on February 15, 2018

Things are looking swell for Warhorse Studios.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is selling extremely well according to co-owner and developer Daniel Vávra. For the past six years, gamers have patiently waited for the release of Kingdom Come. Now many are enjoying their time spent in Bohemia. 

Daniel spoke with Czech Tv about the success of the game.

I think that the game will be paid tomorrow, anything over a million sold will be nice for us, and we are about to be in two days (from the release) to half,

According to Daniel, development stood at hundreds of millions of crowns. It is probably the most costly game in the Czech Republic. For context, one American dollar is about twenty crowns. Despite that fact, Kingdom Come Deliverance is still an extremely costly game for an independent studio. 

Kingdom Come Deliverance sales figures

No hard sales figured have been released other than what Daniel has said, but some sleuthing can be used to fact check or verify the developer’s claims. According to Steam, Kingdom Come has 164,881 owners. This is not including Xbox One or PS4 physical and digital sales. Kingdom Come is also number one on Steam’s best sellers chart and is positively user reviewed. Unfortunately, sales figures for Xbox and PS4 will be released with NPD early next month. Looking on Amazon best sellers list for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Kingdom Come comes in at number 2 and number 4 respectively. These cursory sales figures seem to not be too far off from what Daniel said in his earlier interview, so congrats to Warhorse Studios!

What is Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance tells a story about a blacksmith’s son, Henry, mercenaries have murdered his family. The plot takes place at the end of the Golden Age of the Czech Kingdom after the death of Charles IV, a few years before the Hussite Wars. Ryan Welch has been streaming Kingdom Come Deliverance over on our Twitch! Come check it out and see if you might also be drawn into this medieval adventure. 

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