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Kicking It with Kickstarter – Week Ending Sept. 2nd

by on August 31, 2016

Can I Kick It???  YES YOU CAN!!!!

We are back with another edition of Kicking It with Kickstarter!  We are excited to bring you more projects that are looking for support on Kickstarter.  We are seeing more and more successful launches because of Kickstarter, so we are happy to bring you interesting projects that we want to see fully developed!  We have some great projects to feature this week, so let’s get to it!

Project Drone: No Limits


Drones are everywhere, and it was only a matter of time before someone made a great game with drones.  MaYDayz, a game development company from Halle, Germany, created a pretty awesome looking drone game.  Players will be able to navigate their drones around beautiful landscapes.  If that doesn’t interest you, then Project Drone has race/battle modes for you to play against friends.  Still need convincing?  The game will also feature a level creator and achievements.  If goals are met, then it will be available on PC and consoles with VR support.  The project has 19 days to go, so click HERE to check it out on Kickstarter!



W3 Studios has created a fantastic looking game for all you RTS gamers.  But that’s not all.  It actually plays as a RTS/First Person Shooter hybrid!  You start the game and build your army like you would in any other RTS game.  Then, jump down into first person mode and lead your army!!  You can play Solo, PVP, or Co-Op on all the game modes.  Click HERE to check out more information about the races and download the demo!  The project has 28 days left.

Mythica VR


As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of tabletop roll playing games.  Now imagine getting together with friends for a fun dungeon crawl along with a game master to guide the quest.  Sound good so far?  Now imagine it all in Virtual Reality!  Arrowstorm Entertainment has an awesome Kickstarter project to make this a reality.  Players will have the chance to create their characters and play them in VR.  The game master can build the dungeon in VR or by using a traditional top-down map editor.  This could potentially be an awesome way to become fully immersed in a fantasy adventure.  The project has 20 days to go.  Make sure to click HERE to check out their project!

That is all for this week!  Make sure to contact us in the comments or on social media if you would like to see a project featured in next week’s article.  See you next week!!

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