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Kicking It with Kickstarter – Week Ending 8/5

by on August 4, 2016

Can I Kick It????  Yes you can!!!!

I hope you all are having a great start to the month of August!  I’m back with another edition of Kicking It with Kickstarter, the weekly article that highlights fun gaming projects on Kickstarter.  This week has a special project that might be the best stuffed animal of all time!  Without further ado, here are this week’s projects!

Lightspeed Frontier


Sandbox games can be a great experience.  The ability to roam freely and do what you want is highly appealing to myself and many other gamers.  If this project does what it says it will do, then this can be a very exciting space adventure!  Lightspeed Frontier, from Phillip Devine (Riveted Games), is a sandbox shipbuilding game.  The idea is simple – build the ship of your dreams and go explore!  You can pick up quests from NPCs and by looking around your area for clues, billboards, etc.  The quests are inspired by many favorite sci-fi stories and shows, so you may see some hints or references to some of your favorite sci-fi experiences.  This project has 32 days left.  If you are interested in finding more information or playing a demo, click HERE.

The House of Da Vinci


My favorite subject in school was History, so this project caught my eye.  Da Vinci was arguably one of the most important figures in our history, and it makes sense to have a game set in his world.  You play a student of Da Vinci who notices that Da Vinci has disappeared from his workshop.  It is your task to solve many puzzles in order to find him.  The graphics look really clean and the gameplay looks really interesting, especially the use of sound waves to find hidden passages and secret areas.  There is also a little gadget to control time.  You have 12 days if you want to support this project from Blue Brains Games.  Click HERE for more info.

The Warriors: Turf War


It was tempting to put the “Warriorrrrrrrrsssssss, come out and playyyyyyyayyyyyyyyy” gif in here, but I think we all know it by heart.  The Warriors is an iconic film about a gang escaping back to their home turf.  Silly Kid Games decided to take this franchise and create an strategy board game!  You control one of the 4 gangs from the film and work to expand your turf and protect it from the rival gangs and police.  The game will have lots of miniatures that represent iconic characters of the game.  If you are a miniature enthusiast, you can order paintable miniatures and paint them yourself!  There are 23 days left in this project.  Click the link HERE for more information.

This is Fine Plush


What more do I need to say?  This is the plush that everyone has been waiting for!  Obviously, the project has surpassed its goal with 29 days to go.  Click HERE to support the project and ensure that the dog finds a good home.

We will be back next week with more projects!  If you have a project that you want us to check out, let us know on social media or in the comments below.  See you all next week!




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