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Kicking It with Kickstarter – Week Ending 3/03

by on February 28, 2017

Can I Kick it???  YES YOU CAN!!!

We are back with another edition of Kicking It with Kickstarter!  In this series, we check out some fun projects that are looking for support on Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is one of the many crowdsource options for developers to get their game to the finish line and in the hands of gamers.  Of course, there are some fun rewards for backers.  But the goal is to help get their finished product in our hands.  If you are new to Kicking It with Kickstarter, keep in mind that we aren’t forcing you to back a project.  We just want you aware of some great looking projects.  With that being said, let’s check out this week’s projects –


Prisma and the Masquerade Menace


Prisma is an awesome looking side scroller from Shiny Bolt Games.  You play as Ray, a young explorer who uses dimension shifting abilities to overcome a variety of puzzles.  You will need these powers to jump higher, run faster, and destroy objects.  A fourth power, Neutrality, is also needed in your adventures.  Shifting dimensions is necessary because some objects will appear, depending on the dimension you are in.  The world is really vibrant and colorful and looks fun as hell.  Right now, the plan is to release on Steam/PC.  However, there are stretch goals that will put the game on Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and the Vita.  If you want more details, click HERE.  There are 15 days left in this project, so click the link if you want to support it!


Aaero: The Rhythm Rail Shooter

Aaero is a really cool rail shooter that utilizes both incredible visuals and music to give you a fantastic experience.  Aaero is developed by a really small studio called Mad Fellows (it’s a two man studio, which is really impressive).  The gameplay is simple, but a little different from a typical rail shooter.  You follow lines of light that are displayed on the screen and use other buttons to take out groups of enemies.  The music lines up with your movements, which makes the soundtrack an important factor in the game.  According the page, they want to release the game on Steam and consoles, so they need your help to reach their goal.  If you want to learn more, click the link HERE.  There are 15 days left to support Aaero.


Aegis 2186

Jollyfish Games is looking for support on Aegis 2186, an arcade shooter coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It’s a 360º arcade shooter, meaning you will control your ship and shoot all enemies surrounding you.  The game has a retro feel to it with it’s graphics and soundtrack.  You will survive as many waves as possible by using your shields and weapons wisely.  Retro games are pretty popular nowadays, so it would be awesome to see a full version of Aegis on PC and Mac.  For more information, click HERE.  There are 22 days left, so check out the project soon!That is all for this week!  Make sure to let us know in the comments or social media if you want us to feature any other great project on Kickstarter.  See you next time!

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