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Kicking It with Kickstarter – Week Ending 2/8/17

by on February 8, 2017

Can I Kick It????  YES YOU CAN!!!

We are back with another edition of Kicking It with Kickstarter!  We are seeing more and more projects asking for you help.  I love how supportive the gaming community can be and applaud their efforts to back these projects.  I know it’s a gamble, but we have seen some fantastic games come out thanks to crowd funding sites like Kickstarter.  This is only possible because of you.  So, without further ado, let’s check out some fun projects that need your support on Kickstarter –

Mutant Football League

Do you remember Mutant Football League?  The team at Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC are bringing a spiritual successor to current gen consoles and PC!  Imagine NFL Blitz with tons of action and gore.  If you can imagine it, then you have a pretty good idea of what you can expect from Mutant Football League.  It offers 14 unique teams filled with skeletons, orcs, and bots.  Players can win the game by scoring more points than the other team.  Or (and this is the best possible way to win), decimate the other team so they have to forfeit!  It will feature four player co-op along with single player modes.  The best part?  Not only do you have to deal with mutant players, but you have to deal with stadiums built to destroy you and dirty tricks that can change how the game is played!  The game has already met it’s goal, but there are stretch goals that need support.  There are 26 days left in the project.  For more info, and if you want to support, click HERE.

Apocalypse Now

Erebus LLC is creating a game based on the award winning movie, Apocalypse Now.  By the looks of things, the game is in good hands with this team!  The game will play like a first person survival/horror game with added RPG elements.  The emphasis on tactical gameplay and dialogue choices will fit nicely with the theme of Apocalypse Now.  The game will feature the same premise as the movie – as Capt. Willard, you are tasked with taking out Colonel Kurtz by any means necessary.  By the looks of things, you have to be very tactical and smart with how you accomplish your mission.  This project looks amazing, and I would love to see it completed.  But it needs your help.  They have 15 days left and need support.  Read more about it at the link HERE and support it if you can!

Titanic VR

For those of you who use VR, this project could be a really nice addition to your VR collection.  Titanic VR is created by Immersive VR Education Ltd.  It is created with VR in mind, but will also be available for PC and PS4.  The game will be an accurate portrayal of what happened to the legendary ship and let you experience what it looks like at the bottom of the ocean.  The team is using technology to accurately depict crew members and all sections of the ship.  If you don’t want to explore yourself, then it will give you an educational experience that you can sit back and enjoy.  The project looks really interesting, and it’s success may influence others to make immersive VR games based on historical events.  There are 21 days left to support the project.  You can read more info and support it by clicking HERE.

That’s all for this week!  Let us know if you want to see a project featured on the next edition of Kicking It with Kickstarter!


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