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Kicking It with Kickstarter – Week Ending 1/20

by on January 19, 2017

Can I Kick It?  YES YOU CAN!!!!

We are back with the first Kicking It with Kickstarter of 2017!  I have really enjoyed writing about various indie projects from Kickstarter, and I hope you enjoy reading about them.  My ultimate goal is to show several really cool projects that need your help.  You are more than welcome to help out a project if you like.  But I think it is important to at least highlight the large number of developers who are passionate about gaming and are looking to change the way we look at gaming genres.  There are some really interesting projects right now on Kickstarter, so let’s take a look!


Thunder Lotus Games has seen some great success on Kickstarter.  Their last project, Jotun, made it’s goal on Kickstarter and turned out to be a unique, beautifully animated game that we loved.  I was very excited to see their next project, Sundered, on Kickstarter.  Sundered is a Metriodvania type game and has the same amazing animation and art design that we would expect from Thunder Lotus.  In Sundered, you fight hordes of enemies and enormous bosses.  As you beat bosses, you gain access to shards that can be used corrupt a special skill.  The corrupted skill will be more powerful, but will come at a cost.  This game will be challenging, but I have no doubt that it will be a wonderful addition to any gaming library.  Sundered will be available for PC, Mac, and PS4 with an anticipated release date of July 2017.  I encourage you to check out the project HERE.  It already made it’s goal, but you can still donate to get some cool incentives!  There are 28 days left.


UnDungeon is a very cool pixelart action RPG from Laughing Machines.  There is a very interesting aspect to the story.  The game will focus on parallel dimensions and how the Multiverse has multiple variations of the same place.  Each dimension may feature aliens or show how the world would be different if we evolved a little differently.  As you travel this world, you will be interact with many different people, either in trade or in combat.  But you must be careful – when you die in UnDungeon, you will come back in a different world and will never return to the old world.  UnDungeon has fast paced gameplay and looks really fun.  Initially, UnDungeon will be available on PC.  However, if it makes it’s stretch goals, then UnDungeon will be available on consoles as well.  The project has 24 days left, so click HERE if you want to support the project!

The Last Monsters

According to the project page, The Last Monsters is a grown up Pokemon/Digimon type game with turn-based combat and a mature story.  The Last Monsters, from Craig Martell and Matt White, looks to include survival elements along with the bonding aspect that we see in Pokemon and Digimon.  Your character lives in a world where monsters are way more powerful than humans.  Only a monster trainer has a chance to navigate the world.  You have a lot of options with your monsters.  You can try to form friendships with your monster team, or just use them as means to an end.  There is a unique leveling system as you get into battles with monsters and other trainers.  There is a lot of potential for this game and I hope makes it’s goal!  There are 28 days left on this project and they are roughly halfway to their goal.  Check out more information HERE and support it!

If you have any suggestions on projects that we can feature, let us know in the comments or on social media!  We will see you soon with another edition of Kicking It with Kickstarter!

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