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Karnovember Cometh

by on October 27, 2018

Karnovember Cometh

Forget November, Karnovember has taken over. It’s almost time. Warm up your NES, Powerpack, Everdrives, NES Classics, or whatever system you can, because now you have an excuse to play Karnov. All. Friggin. Month.

What the hell is a Karnov you ask? If you have to ask, you may already not be worthy of even hearing his name spoken. I cannot allow you to miss the chance of becoming a complete success individual without passing said knowledge onto you.

Karnov is a video game where you control (but can he really be controlled?) the glorious Jinborov Karnovski aka Karnov (Yes, I wiki’d that). Karnov is a ripped, fire-breathing, east-Russian badass questing through nine levels in search of the ultimate treasure. It was originally released in early 1987 in Arcade, late 1987 in Japan on Famicom, and 1988 in North America on the NES.

Karnov has become a retro fan favorite as of lately. So much so that they dedicated a whole month to him. With currently 50 members in the Karnovember Discord channel, Karnovember cannot be stopped.

Speedrunning magic

Karnov is a game where with some practice and the RNG gods looking down upon you can complete it fairly quickly. Currently, as of 10/27/18 Dragondarch hold the World Record for Karnov at 8 minutes and 56 seconds. You can see his run below.


I’m not sure if everyone participating in Karnovember will be gunning for the WR. But with 17 current runners on the leaderboards, I expect some of these runners looking to improve their times. I myself have never touched this game but will be running it and streaming it throughout the month of Karnovember. Me personally? I hope to break through maybe 30 minutes to beat? If I’m lucky, maybe 15? Who knows. Like I said I have yet to touch it. For those of your interested in taking a shot at this game, feel free to join us on the Karnovember Discord channel! Looking for a guide? Dragondarch made a sweet beginners tutorial as well!


Here’s a list of some streamers that are going to take on Karnovember! Be sure to drop them a follow!



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