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Indie Showcase: December

by on December 24, 2020

It’s been quite the month for gaming hasn’t it? The new consoles are finally starting to settle in, Google Stadia has it’s first relatively bug free game with Cyberpunk 2077 (can you believe it’s the best version of this?), and some pretty darn good sales, giveaways, and announcements have been happening all over. With such great things in gaming taking over the front pages; I thought I would prop up some great Indie games I’ve played recently in Game Octane’s first Indie Showcase:

What is there to say? A lot actually. Calico by Peachy Keen Games Is a delightfully cute and beautiful cafe simulator where you can befriend all the animals you find and help everyone you meet with their problems. It’s got a low stakes harvest moon vibe but also gives you story related quests to open up more areas and get new recipes. You can also customize your character at any time and if I were to be so bold I’d say it’s far more inclusive in this regard than cyberpunk 2077’s. In fact just about every part of this game is inclusive and friendly.
Did I mention it has the loveliest theme song complete with vocals? I would stop everything I’m doing whenever I heard the song just so I can have a nice relaxing break. Not that the game is stressful by any means. It’s been a much needed vacation from more serious games I’ve played as of late. B

Star 99:
This battle royal VS SCHMUP was a lot of fun. The developers have put a lot of work into making the online accessible with cross platforming, a soon to be mobile release and even a demo that is compatible with all the other versions floating around. If You played Rival Megagun or Twinkle Star Sprites You’ve played something similar to this already. For those uninitiated you will be placed in one of three zones. everyone will have health and bombs as waves of enemies come after you. These enemies, known as popcorn, give points and adds to a gauge for special moves and even a boss drone you can send to other players in hopes they will be defeated by it. as you defeat ships, more will go into the newly freed spaces till one person is left. It feels a little basic but things can really ramp up and become chaotic fast.
I’d grab the free version over at itchio the very least but The price tag feels more than worth it in my eyes. C+

Petal crash:
An interesting throwback puzzle game made to imitate the GBC. Everything from the colour pallet to the music were all made to imitate the classic handheld. The game itself is easy to learn but hard to master. Essentially It’s a competitive VS slide puzzle game. You slide pieces into others of the same colour, they disappear and whoever does the best gets one of their hearts taken till they have no more life left. OR their screen is so full of blocks they can no longer make a move. Blocks appear on your screen at a set interval based on the amount of moves you make. There is also a puzzle mode to help you get the hang of things.
For those who always dreamed of Panel de Pon merging with Sokoban… Petal crash is for you. S (I don’t care if we don’t have S grades on the site. It is my newest addiction and my favorite game of the decade; including all of the 2010’s.)

What Indie games have grabbed your interest lately? Let me know in the comments below. Also let us know if you’d like us to review more indie games in the future. I plan to make these showcases a monthly feature but would love to hear from you to help keep great games people might not have heard from slipping under the radar.

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