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Humankind Shows off New ‘Lucy’ Trailer!

by on December 10, 2020

Humankind Shows off New ‘Lucy’ Trailer!

Humankind keeps looking better and better. This trailer looks absolutely amazing, very well done. If you know me, you know that I adore these city builder/strategy games, but this lets you rewrite human history. Luckily for us fans not only did they drop a new trailer, but they are also releasing an “OpenDev” of the game from December 15th to the 28th, and will allow you to play 150 turns in the game! Check out the trailer and info below!

If you could re-write the narrative of human history, what world would you shape? That’s just one of the many questions you’ll be facing in HUMANKIND™, Amplitude Studios & SEGA’s upcoming turn-based historical strategy game. Today we’re excited to share a brand-new trailer and a sneak peek of next week’s OpenDev gameplay scenario.


With 10 cultures per era and over 1 million potential culture combinations, the possibilities in Humankind are endless. In our latest trailer, directed by Romain Chassaing and debuted tonight at The Game Awards, we focused on one journey in particular: Lucy’s, as the leader of civilization entirely of her own creation.


OpenDev is a series of targeted gameplay scenarios that we’ve been introducing to players as our way of collecting feedback from the community to help us to improve the game. Our newest scenario will be available from December 15th at 07:00 PST / 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET to December 28th at 07:00 PST / 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET, and it’s our biggest scenario yet. Here’s just some of what’s included in the Lucy OpenDev:

  • 40 cultures: Play through 4 full gameplay eras or 150 turns, whichever comes first. Each era, you’ll get to choose from among 10 different cultures, each with their own unique gameplay attributes.
  • Master battles on land & sea: To many, the Early Modern era (Era 4) was known for exploration and seafaring mastery. Go beyond skirmishes and wage more advanced and intricate warfare.
  • Conduct diplomacy with 7 AI opponents: Test out our contextual diplomacy system and give us some feedback to improve it for release. See how much Fame you can earn, and compare scores with your friends!


In HUMANKIND at release, rather than playing as a famous world leader, you’ll be playing as an avatar of your own creation. For the Lucy OpenDev, we’ve created special customized avatars for some of our favorite Twitch streamers. Each streamer avatar has its own custom-picked AI persona (aggressive, expansionist, etc.).  Collect them via Twitch drops and add them as opponents to your own games!

Watch enough stream time, and you could even win a key to access the Lucy OpenDev! More information to follow on December 15th.



We’re also announcing that HUMANKIND will be released on Steam, Stadia, the Epic Games Store, and at retail on April 22nd, 2021.

Pre-purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition for 17% off now by visiting! Or pre-order from participating retailers in your region.


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