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Hue Review

by on September 22, 2016
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Have you ever thought about what the world would look like without color? Hue is a creative, fast-paced puzzler game that shows us just how dreary a world without color can be. Don’t let this turn you away, however. The beautiful letters we uncover about a scientist discovering each of the colors in the visible spectrum reminds us of how beautiful colors are. That all sounds super cheesy, but hear me out.

In this game you play as Hue, a boy searching for his mother. She is a scientist who discovered colors, which other people could not see. In the search for his mother, you find the colors that she has discovered, and you find out where she is and how she loved seeing each of the colors. This search takes place by way of 2D platform puzzler, and I assure you that it is actually really awesome. Discovering colors allows you to make different objects and obstacles appear and disappear, by changing the color of the background. If an object blends into the background, it essentially does not exist. The color-changing mechanic is very easy to use, and changing the colors will slow time in the game so you can even switch colors mid-jump, or to avoid a moving obstacle.


Hue’s puzzles are challenging, yet fun and creative enough to give a good gamer flow throughout each level. Each new color you add to your wheel tends to also bring a new obstacle mechanic to the game, so things never get boring. But the gameplay itself isn’t the only thing that kept me going. The overall design of this game was very well done. The overall layout is very minimalistic, but can still be interacted with. For some reason I really loved that the little chains and vines that appear to only be background decorations, actually moved when I ran into them. The backgrounds have a plasma-like ebb and flow to them, which blended well with the soft piano soundtrack. The colors themselves that are part of the puzzles made for an overall vibrant and stunning look to this game. One of my favorite things about Hue is that the colors are a triple threat; they make the puzzles, they look pretty, and they even have their own part in the story of the game.

Hue’s story was captivating and very well written. With each new color we get a letter from Hue’s mother, telling a story about her studies and discovering each new color and what it meant to her. The letters are read to us out loud (there are subtitles too, don’t worry) and the voice acting is superb. I definitely turned up the volume every time I found a letter, not only to hear the story but to hear the voice of Hue’s mother. My one qualm about this however, is that while you are listening to the letters you end up winding through corridors of nothing. I understand that they do this so you can still move around and listen without getting distracted by a puzzle, but when I’m replaying the game to get various hidden items, this becomes an absolute nuisance.

Now, some may be thinking, “what if I don’t see colors?” Well, this game is still for you! There is a “colorblind mode” in this game that places symbols on all of the colors and colored objects, so that even if you are colorblind (or just have difficulty distinguishing colors) you can play Hue. I did end up turning this mode on, because the settings on my tv made it hard to distinguish between the orange and yellow, and between the purple and pink. So even if you’re not colorblind, it’s still an awesome feature! hue-2

If you’re looking for a creative new puzzler to play, Hue is your game. It has some replay value, by way of little items you can collect that only become accessible if you backtrack with your new colors, but otherwise you’d just be playing the same puzzles again. That being said, I still absolutely think this game is worth anybody’s time. It’s a beautiful puzzle platformer that actually makes you think, and keeps you wanting to know more of the story. I’ve never played anything quite like it, so I do plan on coming back to it time and time again.

Hue is available now on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and it’s coming soon to PS Vita! Grab it and give it a shot!


What do you think? Did you like this game? Are you going to grab your own copy? Let us know in the comments below!


Fun, creative gameplay
Great music
Captivating story
Colorblind mode
Easy-to-play controls


Not so much replay value

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Bottom Line

Hue is creative and captivating, and definitely worth your time if you want a challenging puzzler with a great story. Plus it looks pretty!

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