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Hellsign – Preview (PC)

by on January 28, 2019

Hellsign – Preview (PC)

Being a fan or TV shows like Supernatural and Ghost Adventures, Hellsign grabbed my attention as soon as it was announced. With it being an Early Access game, I had some doubts about Hellsign. Would it live up to my personal hype? Would it even be worth it to play in Early Access? How broken is it and do the developers expect the players to find the bugs? I guess you could ask that with any game in today’s world, but Hellsign delivered.

The idea behind Hellsign is great. You create a character, choose a class, which dictates the way you want to play, and then get to work. I decided to go on the more investigational route, rather than being tanky. I thought maybe this way It would be less spooky…NOPE still about shit my pants every 5 minutes or whatever. Once created you get thrown into the fray, I don’t want to ruin the story but it’s a really fun starting point.

You get a selection of options of what missions you can choose from. They range from investigating to see what has possessed the house or clean up where you need to go in and kill everything inside. Each will net you XP and money. XP will be used to level your character up and branch out of the awesome skill tree they have set up. You can make your character play how you want from here. I chose to go more investigative as I mentioned above, so I chose to be able to do more research than say weapons based or crafting. The money will be used to purchase weapons, ammo, and any other tools needed to complete the job at hand. Oh and believe me, you’ll need to understand what you’re going up against.

Just a quick piece on my experience…While investigating houses things did tend to seem repetitive. I’d go in, use the black light to find blood trails for clues as well as haunted objects. You also needed to watch your ass as different critters would jump out of any room to attack you. You would do all mission objectives to get full credit of XP and money, but you have the option to leave as soon as the main objective is done, say if your health is low. After running a few investigation missions I was able to unlock a new piece of equipment, an EMF reader. This allowed me to complete more investigation missions and get close to solving what actual haunted the house. Once you gathered the clues you have to use your book to research and solve what entity is at the house. You have to look at the way someone died, the way the EMF picked up the voices, symbols. There is an amazing level of detail here. Once you level up high enough and can fully solve what the entity is, you need to do your research on what actually can be used to kill the damned thing. Sometimes a laser pointer can help, other times it makes the entity stronger, certain ammo, certain weapons should only be used. You really need to be prepared before summoning the entity as it will kick your ass without hesitation. If you are looking for more of a challenge, attempt more missions that need you to clear out the house. Those can be rough if you aren’t focused on killing things. The enemies are harder and faster than the investigation missions, but can also net you more money.

I was quite amazed at the depth and detail of the Hellsign. It is damn clear some research had to be put in to make this game. The developers are active with the community, listening and implementing changes to the game, which is absolutely necessary for a game like this to continue living. The ambiance and atmosphere are unreal. It’s dark and gritty, things move and shake, the noises spook you. Be sure to have headphones on as you will get more out of Hellsign that way.

With all this being said $14.99 for this game is great. I can’t recommend it enough and I hate horror games. There are a couple of things that would be amazing down the road. Co-op and Twitch integration. Having another player exploring with you and either protecting you or investigating with you would be amazing. I’d pay extra for that. Having some sort of Twitch integration would be fun for viewers say if they donated 5 bits to have something shake or play a scary scream or something to get a reaction out of the streamer would be a blast to see. I know these are difficult as its mainly a single player game, but would be fun none the less!

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