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Happy Dungeons – Review

by on January 21, 2017
Release Date

December 6, 2016 (Official Release)


Toylogic Inc.


Happy Dungeons is the successor to Happy Wars. Happy Wars was a free to play massive multiplayer battle game where you chose a class and teamed up with other players to ambush the other teams base…and it was damn fun. Happy Dungeons takes the components that made Happy Wars so great such as the fun and goofy characters, fun level design, and humorous story and mashed them into a new genre and came out with another free to play hit.

Character-wise you get to choose from three classes, Warrior, Mage, and Cleric. You are able to swap between any character at any time depending on what your party or how you feel like playing at the time. Each class has its own armor and weapons and these aren’t interchangeable between classes. The customization of each class is nothing short of amazing in Happy Dungeons. There are so many different items and cosmetic items to choose from to suit your fancy. From the epic horned helmets to the goofy bandaids you can wear on your character. On top of the crazy number of items you can equip, each item can be leveled up by combining items you don’t need anymore. Then when your favorite item is maxed out you then can ‘awaken’ the item to unlock its power. Needless to say the customization and depth of this item system rivals some paid games.

The gameplay and battles are fun and chaotic…in a good way. Sometimes you’re not facing the right way and miss a huge hit but otherwise the gameplay and fighting are smooth. Most,if not all levels, have breakable items such as crates, treasure chests and other items can hide items and enemies in them. The enemies come in waves and wont spawn new ones until all of the existing ones are knocked out or you reach a distance on the map. Usually both are required. The enemies are plenty, there are all different kinds including the same ones but with armor or stronger weapons, though most of them have patterns you can learn quickly and use them to your advantage. There are fun items on the map you can use to your advantage as well. There are bombs you can roll towards the enemies and have them take massive damage (and they respawn too!), massive crossbows that rapid fire about 20 shots before you need to reload (this can get damaged but you can then repair it), and there are other explosive items and traps you can bait the enemies to if you need a breather and heal up if needed.

If you are still confused on what type of game this is, think of it as a poor man’s Diablo. Multiple missions and quests to do, armor and weapon drops you can use, sell, level up, etc. You can team up with friends and that’s where the real fun is, you can also team up with others playing online and keep the fun going. If you can get a ‘perfect party’ (warrior, mage, and cleric), you can do some serious damage and run through areas quite easy. I ran a solo cleric for a bit and had no major issues at ‘normal’ difficulty. Unfortunately with most free to play games, there is a in game currency which real money can be used to gain more or be able to purchase different items. This game doesn’t seem to push you in that direction and no money is needed to move through the story. There may be a little bit of a grind later one to be able to level up and continue but it’s not terrible. Also as a bonus, they have been updating the game quite and bit and even have in-game events! This helps keep the game fresh and bring players back to it. Overall, Happy Dungeons is a good multiplayer co-op that works well for a free in-between game. It has fun, humor, RPG leveling, great customization, and good multiplayer. It’s definitely worth a download to check it out!

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Free to Play
Fun entertaining story
Great fun with friends
Massive customization options
Not pay to win
Quite a few updates and in game events


Can get a repetitive feel solo
Some awesome customization could cost real money
Goofy art style could turn away some gamers

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Bottom Line

Happy Dungeons is definitely worth a download to your Xbox One, grab some friends though as solo may tend to wear on you after a bit.

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