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Halo Summer Celebration has Arrived!

by on July 6, 2017

Xbox announced a ton of Halo news this morning!  You can read it here, but here is a quick recap of what was announced –

First, 343 Industries announced that Halo 5 WILL receive a game update to support true 4K on the Xbox One X.  More details will be announced at a later date, but at least we now know that Halo will get some support on the Xbox One X.  If it does, and if it stays on the Game Pass, then this will be a huge deal for those who are looking for games on the Xbox One X.  Gamers will love the 4K visual update along with the cheap price of the game pass.  It’s a win/win!

Some Backwards Compatibility news was announced as well.  Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and Halo: CE Anniversary will be coming to the program later this year! Each of these games will support campaign, multiplayer and LAN play on Xbox One – including LAN play between Xbox One and Xbox 360.  Once these titles are added to the program, you’ll be able to pop in your original disc or purchase a digital copy of the game via the Xbox Store and jump right in.  Additionally, every Xbox 360 Halo add-on map pack in the Xbox Store will be made available for free, ensuring you have everything you need to achieve maximum enjoyment in online matchmaking or custom games.

We also have some news on Halo Wars 2.  The Season Pass wraps up in August, and a new premium expansion will arrive in the fall called Awakening the Nightmare.  It includes a new campaign from the perspective of The Banished, the return of an ancient and deadly foe in the Flood, two new Banished Leaders, and a brand-new multiplayer game mode Terminus Firefight.

You can read more information at Halo Waypoint about upcoming Halo events.  Are you excited about the news!  Let us know in the comments!


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