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Guitar Hero Live Preview!

by on April 14, 2015

Teaser trailer for the new Guitar Hero games. According to the press release; The upcoming Guitar Hero Live will feature what they call ‘FPS’ or First Person Shredder where in you are part of the band thats playing the songs in the game and you play in front of a crowd. As per the video if you mess up they will start booing you and throwing things or cheering you on if you do well. This feels more akin to those FMV (full motion video) games from the early Sega CD era, just go youtube FMV games like Sewer Shark, Tom Cat Ally, or the infamous Night Trap to get an idea. I will say I have missed the old GH series before it became over saturated and will be keeping an eye out on this. So far the new title is set to release sometime this year for $99.99 on the PS4, Xbox One, Ps3, Xbox 360, and even making a surprise appearance on the Wii U. A new guitar was shown off that now includes two rows of three buttons, so it looks like it is a necessary upgrade as previous controllers will not be compatible. It should also be noted that this go around, GHL will only focused on guitars. Separating it again from Rock Band (also rumored to be making a comeback.


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