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Guest Review by Badastle: For Honor

by on February 19, 2017
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Out Now for PC, PS4, XBX1




A good friend of mine took part in the For Honor Beta and was super excited about what he played. He told me about his adventures with his closest PC playing buddies and even shared some game play he captured. I asked him if he’d be interested on doing a review of the game once it came out. He jumped at the chance and what you have below is Russell’s thoughts on Ubisoft’s For Honor

A 3rd person action game that allows you to play as a warrior from one of 3 factions:  Knights, Samurai, or Vikings.  Each faction, currently has 4 different warriors to choose from, with more coming in the future.

The game itself has a very Unique style combat system that takes some getting used to.  I was able to pick up on them after a little bit of play, some of my friends had a little harder time adjusting.  However, once you have an understanding, the controls do make sense.  This isn’t a hack and slash, button masher style game.  Every attack that you do will consume your stamina bar and misjudged or mistimed swings can be fatal.  The combat system is not about overpowering your opponent, it’s about outplaying them.  Blocking and dodging the enemy’s attack is a start, but following up on the dodge and blocks is what will earn you victory.

The campaign will take you through each faction and each of their heroes, as the story progresses.  This is an excellent way to try each Hero of the factions.  In multiplayer, each faction has 1 set hero unlocked, with the others requiring an in game currently unlock to play them.  For example, the Knights have a Hero class named Lawbringer, which I did not like the play style when it came their turn during the Knight’s campaign.  I’m glad I did not pay to unlock them right away for multiplayer.

The story begins with the Knights, which the first mission is a storied version of the opening tutorial when you first launch the game, with a few extra items that apply to campaign mode.  After the Knights, come the Vikings, and then the Samurai.  The story itself explains this world and some of its history.  

Multiplayer is where the longevity of the game will be and it is primarily because of the grind factor.  The best thing, IMO, about this game aside from the fun factor is the vast customization that is available for the Heroes.  Each hero has a gear slot of Head, arms, and chest for armor and each hero can customize their weapon.  There are only a few styles for each of the armor slots, but with each style, you also have the option for the metal type (look), engravings, color scheme (preset), color scheme patterns (preset), and emblems.  The helm also adds an ornament that really redesigns your look.  Here is some game play with some of my friends captured during the Closed Beta.

You can receive items through scavenger crates (in game currency) or scavenging (happens automatically after a multiplayer battle).  Each gear piece will have stat values so you can further customize your Hero with stats that better suit your playstyle, which helps to help create variety of each Hero.  And if you get a great piece a gear, but it’s style is one that you do not like, not to worry.  The game allows you to change the style appearance of any gear piece to another style, as long as you have that style in your inventory.  So say you get a lvl 10 helm, but you don’t like the look of that helm style, but the stats are what you want.  You can use the lvl 1 helm that you’ve been using all this time (because of the look) and change the look of your lvl 10 helm to the style you like.  Each gear piece can also be upgraded to higher lvls using the in game currency.  So if you have the perfect stats on an item, you can just keep leveling it up to increase the value of that item.

My one drawback of the great customization this game offers is that so many of these cool options are locked behind high currency costs, or require higher level heroes and/or profiles.  Yes, there are 2 different character level stats in multiplayer.  One is your overall account, and the other is the individual hero.  So while you may have unlocked something really cool with one character, you’ll have to redo the grind with other heroes.  This isn’t the same with each customization item, but I’d say with most of them.

The grind should be easy going as long as my friends and I keep having fun.  Ubisoft has said this game already has planned future content, which will be released in future updates, including new heroes for each faction, additional executions to choose from, as well as more customization options for each of the heroes.

What’s you experience with For Honor so far? Do you agree with our score? Comment below.

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Graphics (smooth)
Customization options
Variety of heroes


Controls/combat take some getting use to
Customization options behind grind wall

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Bottom Line

Fun game to play with friends
The controls are unique and fit sword play really well.

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