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Golftopia – Early Access Preview (PC)

by on September 10, 2020

Golftopia – Early Access Preview (PC)

Golftopia is a game who’s premise grabbed me as soon as I heard of it. A golf course simulation where you can build your own holes and place trees, sand traps, and other objects anywhere you want? That part alone hooked me, but wait…theres more. It’s set in the future so you can place tubes around for travel and rent hoverboards? You can play your own course?! Wait, you can add crazy things like bumpers, warp portals, and rings of fire?!?! WAIT!! The game is also a tower defense game?! We may not know what gave inspiration to MinMax Games for Golftopia, but damn, I am glad they did.

Seriously, they added all of that above stuff I listed into Golftopia, and it’s amazing. First off, the course design is extremely simple and easy to use. You place the tee box, then place a hole, then throw whatever you want onto it. It’s so damn easy and fun to build holes. As with most golfers (and water/electricity), they want to take the path of least resistance. So if they are trying to drive through a gap as a shortcut and not playing the hole as you wanted. Throw a tree there, forcing them to play the hole as you intended, and yes going through that ring of fire is not only awesome but the golfers love objects. But before I get into the crazy obstacles you can place, let’s dive into the ‘normal’ golf for a second.

Creating each hole is an art form, you can make them as long or as short as you want. Creating a dog-leg is as simple as drawing a curve with your mouse. I enjoyed the creating part immensely. You can raise and lower the ground, terraforming as you please. I tried to make each hole different, have its own style. Then I realized that you can win awards on holes. For example, having so many trees when golfers tee off can win you an award for the hole and bring more golfers in. On the opposite, you can win awards for having a ton of crazy things like bumpers and rings of fire and such as well! By having these awards for the holes, I did not feel at all restricted to make them that way. It was more inspiring, “How can I make a hole that meets these criteria??”. But you aren’t just limited to courses, you can build putting greens and driving ranges as well. By placing those, your golfers can get boosts by practicing a bit before taking off on what joy or hell you laid out for them. I really enjoyed it.

Like other ‘builder’ simulators such as Two Point Hospital or the Roller Coaster Tycoon series, you need to please the people. The golfers have needs and you need to meet them to keep them coming back. Unlike RCT, you need to listen to them more, placing a bathroom at the beginning of the course isn’t going to help…at all. The golfers won’t wander back through the course to use or buy something. You’ll need to see how the golfers are feeling before wasting your time and money placing bathrooms, food, drink, and benches for rest. There is also a slew of decorations you can place around, like fountains that just makes your course that much more appealing. This added a bit more strategic take on placing amenities.

Like I mentioned above, you can also play your own holes. It’s really simple to do so. You just aim where you want to hit the ball, and the computer does the rest. Just like real life, the more you play the better you golf. It also helps your guests, as they love seeing you golf alongside them.

Lastly, the tower defense part. Now how the hell, after all of these did they fit something like this in? Well, you start off with every complaint you get grows a weed somewhere on the map, and let’s face it, you’re going to get complaints. The weeds will continue to grow slowing taking over your island where you get to build. The golfers don’t like these alien weeds. So it’s up to you to place turrets shoot the weeds back and keep them at bay. You can also build drones that will wander around and also keep the weeds at bay. Not going to lie, some of these weeds battles can get intense. Especially when golfers also do not like to see the turrets either. So it’s up to you to keep the weeds cornered to a place where golfers won’t be or you may in for an uphill battle because again, complaints equal more weeds.

I would most definitely recommend Golftopia to really any gamer that is a fan of golf, or simulations. Even in Early Access this game is a ton of fun to play. Even when streaming the viewers that were watching really enjoyed the gameplay and the whole idea of Golftopia. If you feel somewhat interested, definitely grab Golftopia. It’s definitely a hole in one.


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