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Godhood – Early Access Preview

by on September 24, 2019

Godhood – Early Access Preview

Godhood, the god simulation game on PC that is currently in Early Access from Abbey Games. With it being in Early Access things will be changing and may already be different as of this writing. Abbey Games created Reus, one of my more favorite world simulation games in a while, so naturally, I was really excited for a God simulation game. I couldn’t wait. Being a huge fan of Black and White I really wanted to see where Abbey Games took this title and I was strangely…confused.

Though it’s categorized as a ‘God Game’, it’s much more of a simulation game than you controlling full aspects of being a god. Once I realized that the game played much differently. Godhood is much more of a roster based auto battler. The general idea of Godhood, is to grace your people with small miracles so you get followers and disciples. You can direct your disciples to gather resources (which you’ll need to perform miracles and build temples and such for worship, and to convert others to your godliness. Your disciples will need to be powered up to perform the auto-battle. The battling is how the game progresses.

Once you complete battles your disciples will level up and you will gain valuable resources. These will allow you to power up temples and disciples to continue your conquest of holy retribution. The gameplay isn’t difficult but really fun to watch. The battles are simple and depending on how you reign, you could have attacks such as ‘bless’ or ‘spoken word’. So you aren’t really attacking physically, but the idea is still there. As a downfall, your disciples will get older and need to be swapped out as their stats will drop when they hit a certain age.

I enjoyed the graphics, they were simple, yet detailed at the same time. The battle animations were fun to watch especially with the thought of that you aren’t really physically hurting them.

Overall, Godhood has a lot of potential and it’s really close to being a must-buy for simulation fans. It’s just not quite there. If you’re the least bit interested, please check it out, updates are coming through and are awesome!

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